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So Mr. Tastees recently stopped by and stocked JUGRNAUT with a few brooch pieces that are super exclusive, basically it was a series of brooches that he decided against producing (third shelf from the top) but considering that they he had them sitting on display around his studio and they would almost never see the light of day he decided that they should go in the store for a few lucky individuals to purchase and enjoy their magical brooch qualities. Be sure to grab one if you see something you like, they will be going fast.

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  1. Starrboy


  2. yung chriiz

    yo dang im so happy im goin bak up to da chi dis month but how much is the “RUN CHI” & the ” ILL State wit da flag” goin for ?

  3. Zach

    Hey which ones are left? I’m outta town and wanna cop the state flag

  4. Zach

    But i’m not in school


    @zach we have 1 left of the il state with flag print…if you want we would need to send paypal request to you and once paypal payment clears we ship out to you. if your still interested please send us an email to asking about the broach and well get things going. thanks.

  6. Ryan B

    You still sell mr. Tastees? What happened to him?

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