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melo makes music – blastaa (let it go)

Melo has been stopping by the shop for a couple years now and first and foremost he’s just a really cool dude, great person.  Just so happens that he makes really dope music.  Don’t expect your regular turn up get fucked up shit from Melo, his sound is unique and his content is different, not your typical early 20’s subject matter.  Melo is much more deep and thoughtful.

“The Chicago Southside native has made waves with his songs of empowerment that touch on everything from homelessness and metropolitan narratives of marginalized groups to more personal, intimate trials. Tack on the fact Melo has no time for gender norms and, well, you’ve got a true force of positivity to be reckoned with.”

Make sure to put Melo on your radar for 2018, cause he will be making a splash this year!


melo makes musix


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  1. Long time no see Melo release a new song. Hopefully next time he will be more active in art activities.

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