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Wow this dude kinda snaps, but iunno…mr mattboywhite said he heard that luda wrote his raps…does anyone know?

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  1. Jus Sayin

    Premo didn’t allow him to be on the BET Cypher because Luda ghost wrote his verse for him. I don’t know about him snapping though, cause I just finished watching it and can’t remember a single line he spit.

  2. ATm

    luda wrote alot of raps for him…… and he didnt snap at all….HE SAYIN ALOT ….. of Nuthin

  3. Anonymous

    was this written or a freestyle??

  4. bow-not

    It doesn’t really matter who wrote it for him, he is not a rapper in the first place. But to actually spit the way he did takes some talent. Memorizing all that crap he said and stay on beat is a talent in itself. I don’t see many people on here rapping.

  5. panda

    justin bieber ghostwrote for me on my new r n b album

  6. J.

    ummm.. those lyrics arent all that complicated to memorize. he needs to stop rapping.

  7. B. Easy

    hahaha, All the illy shit we post on here, and Justin Bieber “rapping” gets the most hits and comments… Amazing… get ’em Biebs! lol

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