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jugrnaut x tutoring chicago release 11/11/18

Join us this Sunday from 3-5 for this years release of our @tutoringchicago contest winners designs! Come support a great cause!

• white tee designed by 10yr old Yelitza
• black tee designed by 10yr old Bryce


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  1. Hello Ashley! I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I missed you! It’s been a while since you’ve shared any stories on Little Miss Momma ( sponsored content just isn’t the same ) I followed your blog (first) because of this beautiful story of how you and your husband met and (second) because you’re a truly gifted writer. You were so open and h부산출장샵onest, a breath of fresh air among the fake fashion (Instagram) girls that seem to take over the blogosphere. Anyway, I know sponsored content helps your family -I just wish we had a little more of the old Ashley we all fell in love with. You are such a gifted storyteller, I hope you’ll find your way back soon! Xoxo!

  2. Exciting release! JUGRNAUT X Tutoring Chicago on 11/11/18 is a dynamic collaboration. Your blog captures the essence of this unique partnership, blending style and support. A must-read for enthusiasts!

  3. Jugrnaut x Tutoring Chicago release on 11/11/18 is a fusion of style and philanthropy. Elevating streetwear with purpose, this collaboration promises unique fashion with a meaningful impact. Don’t miss out!

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