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Back in late july we started to release the first set hats from the Jugrnaut X Starter collaboration and along with each hat release, we had a set of photos modeled by the girls over at Young-Wonder. But you were probably wondering who are they, what is Young-Wonder?

Young-Wonder is made up of  Danielle S., Eva, Danielle A., and Chandler (pictured left to right). 4 young talented girls from Chicago which run their lifestyle website which includes photos, videos, music, and more and a huge majority of it is created from original content. It’s definitely a dope site that i recommend you check out.

We took the photos on an extremely hot July afternoon spending a few hours around Buckingham fountain looking for good spots. It was work and a scorcher outside but we made it happen. We’ve showed you the best of the best photos we took but i thought i do this little post to introduce you all to Young-Wonder and to add a few extra photos favorite photos that were left over. Check them out after the jump.

P.S. This is only the beginning of Jugrnaut X Starter….

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  1. Eric

    when are the jugrnaut fall hoodies coming out? definitely waiting on that release

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