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jugrnaut restaurant review (jrr) – little goat diner

I was on my way to Au Cheval for a burger, but the line was intense.  The wait was about an hour at that point it was time to find another spot.  Located on the corner from Au Cheval is the Little Goat Diner.  This place is amazing!  It’s a diner but with quality ingredients and an award winning chef as the owner, Stephanie Izard winner of the fourth season of Top Chef!  This place was awesome and so much to choose from.  I ended up getting the Sloppy Joe, yes I love sloppy joes.  The homey I was with got some sort of torta with an aujue dipping sauce.  We shared the  appetizers mac/chees and fries.  Everything we ordered was good and so full of flavor.  I really wanted to try desert but was just too full.  I will definitely return to try other items.  If you’re ever in the Randolph and Halsted area and need a good spot with very little wait, then Little Goat Diner is your go to.  


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  1. but helpful sharing always gives me a lot of energy

  2. I don’t have it down to an exact science, but if I could try and give you a visual… If you look at the white painter’s palette I’m using in the video, I filled one of the “bowls” (I’m not sure what they’re called), half full with luster dust, and then added the vodka until the “bowl” was about 3/4 full. I usually just pour a little vodka into the lid and then into the “bowl”, so I don’t overfill. You can use an eye dropper as well. Mix thoroughly. Little pockets of d음성출장샵ust need to be popped out so I mix for a minute at least.
    If you test paint a cookie and it looks watery, add more dust of course. It will look pasty and somewhat granular if there’s not enough liquid. It is better to err on the side of too thick though, because to thin will really dissolve the royal icing on your cookie. A *little bit* of dissolving is hard to avoid though, to be frank.
    Other than that, all long as your vodka or extract is clear, you can use that. I happen to have raspberry vodka, Smirnoff. Smells nice when you use it.
    Hope that helps!

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