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So lately, we’ve been gettin in some kids that want to talk about some music, which is cool, cause I can talk literally for hours and “edutain” them. It’s pretty dope, cause they tell me they’re sick of hearing Soulja Boy, Rick Ross, Gucci Man . . .etc. , Then they’ll bring up some random shit like “I fucks BLU, Madlib, Doom…” andd these kids for sure are under 20. So they are lookin’ for alternatives to the mainstream shit that they’re hearing. reminds of when i was a shorty. Above is a group called Company Flow (peep that Supreme tee) They dropped an album called Funcrusher Plus, which just about fucked up a whole lotta shit and built a cult following. Below is Chicago’s own Rubberroom featuring and emcee ya’ll might’ve heard of named J.U.I.C.E. the REAL Juice! Remeber: Eminem came from this Movement. After the Jump are some other Obscure Hip Hop groups/rappers/emcees . . .that went against the grain as far as the mainstream went. The Question is: Will there be another movement of rappers like this, going against the grain? I’m ready. . .

p.s. I am not hating on mainstream, i fucks with Ricky Rozay!!! this is for the young guns looking for alternatives and hopefully will get put on and inspired. Remeber Hip-Hop is a Culture.

that’s just not even a few. . .if you want to know, come see me at the store. . .or hit me up via twitter @mrBEasy

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  1. NAM SAYIN! I posted that Co Flow picture a while back with one of their own joints… People need to open their ears to music like this, or else they’ll never know the variety that Hip-Hop provides as a genre.. I know myself personally is inspired by a lot of what Def Jux has put out over the years. El-P is one of the dopest producers in Hip-Hop. Period.

  2. B. Easy Author

    I agree mang!!! good shit! Def Jux was amazing and def influenced me over the years as well!!! HAha about the picture, I remeber us having a convo about this picture as well.

  3. Anonymous

    Man post some Jedi Mind Tricks, Ill Bill, Celph Titled, Apathy, A.O.T.P, Esoteric that real ruggaed shit or some Cunning Lyguist that real hip hop but this is all a perfect start

  4. I always said that Rubberoom was under-appreciated, Architechnology is a classic!

    “All that was left was smoke after I spoke, keep a mic hot with 2500 degree quotes, act like it don’t concern ya and watch it burn ya, wildfire spreadin to choke all that was left was smoke”

  5. Daniel

    Thank you so much for putting this up. I’m tired of all these people talking about Drake and Wayne and Young Money and all that. It’s not that I don’t like them because they don’t have an old school style. I don’t like them because they’re full of unintelligent rhymes filled with simple metaphors and misogyny. Rappers need to start looking back at earlier rap and listen to what they are putting out to the world

  6. ST!ZO

    WOW! Takin’ em to school…

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