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. . .i give a Pound to my man with my right hand. . .


POUND (a short film by Evan Bernard)

this goes out to my lil dudes, matt, corn, calib, dave, bates & co. . . all you youngsters that get down on that 3 hour handshake!!! word up! Must Watch!!!

B. Easy and the Lil Young Fresh Kid Hustla Swag Gang Swaggin’ on ’em Crispy Cool Steez All Day Treated Rainin on ’em Click Crew! . . . . . . . …son.

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  1. Corn Clark

    THis video is mad crazy… but yeah hand shakes def be going down like dat… maybe not that long lol ..
    Retro Marley signing out

  2. jugrnautchicago

    hehehehehe, that shit was highlarious….dope vid though.

  3. Dope shit…my vids comin soon

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