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Hype Pays

As we saw at the allstar game last weekend. Superman Nate Robinson’s jump over Mr. Dwight Howard won him the slam dunk contest and boy was it a sight to see. Though the kryptonate Foamsites that he wore really caught the eyes of sneakerheads, as theese gems lurked thier way on to Ebay could have you breaking bank.

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They say hype kills, but for eBay seller babooose, hype is definetlay paying. Looks like payday is going to be very fulfilling for the lucky guy that gets Nate Robinson’s Nike KryptoNate foamposite lite’s. The bid ended at $9,200 ( that’s not a typo).

We expected these beautys to sell for a lot but, ninety two hundred? Who ever the mystery person is I can see they are not effected by our current economic state

Thus far, things are looking good for  Mr. babooose. The high bidder has 130 feedback.

For those of you that are not familiar to eBay terminology, the higher the feedback means your chances of getting paid is looking promising.

Here’s  the bid history for these shoes I can see to some people money is no object

-The Homeboy Andres

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