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“Here is something very dope for all you Frank Ocean and Odd Future fans.  Today we are launching the Frank Ocean #ChannelOrangeGram contest, in which users can add a picture to their favorite Frank Ocean song title for a chance a limited edition Channel Orange Prize pack from Def Jam Records.  The prize pack will include tees, buttons, and other collectibles from Frank Ocean’s debut album.” – Via RubyHornet


1. Take a photo that represents a song from Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange (see tracklist).
2.  Add the song title as a caption.
3. Upload your photo to Instagram and/or Twitter.
4. Include: “@rubyhornet, your capition, #ChannelOrangeGram” in your post.

Check out the example below:

@rubyhornet “Not Just Money” #channelorangegram

So I took a photo inspired by “Not Just Money”, showing other things that matter in my life.  I uploaded the photo to instagram and twitter, and then tagged my post with the caption above.  It’s as easy at that. The contest is open now.


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  1. Windycityblu

    I can imagine the things he’s going to get for pink matter

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