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This is super dope, they are trying to send a group of kids from the southside, who drum on buckets, to Senegal to experience life and culture. These kids are cold, they are super dope at playing the Bucket, yup a bucket. definitely watch and click after the jump for more info.

“I was born in Eritrea, East Africa and immigrated to California in 1981. From an early age I was exposed to various styles of African drumming and dance. I learned that drumming is an instrumental part of the African culture. At the age of 16, I returned to Eritrea. This trip had a tremendous impact on my life; it allowed me to reconnect with my roots and gave me insight on the importance of heritage, history, traditional music and community.
When I moved to Chicago in 2005, I was surprised by the vast number of young bucket drummers that performed throughout the city. I was impressed by the dedication of these young street performers; how they hone their craft by playing the bucket drums as a means of income and an escape from street life. In the winter of 2010, while driving home from work I saw a young brave man beating his bucket during one of Chicago’s coldest days. It was at this very moment that this idea was born. I thought to myself, “How amazing would it be to take a group of bucket drummers to Africa and expose them to the origin of this art.“ And here we are now! I feel that in this journey to Senegal these young men will experience the rites of passage through the beat of the drum.”

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