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For those that are not familiar with Donnis hes out of Atlanta and is labeled a hipster but waht ever he is he is dope.  Peep these videos to see who we have coming Feb 18th at Lincoln Hall (tickets available here online for only 7) come out and party with us.  Without further adoo here is Donnis…ohh by the way google his song Pop Them Thangs supper fresh!

DONNIS – Intro – Snack Pack Vol 1 from DONNIS on Vimeo.

More videos after the jump, plus my favorite Donnis song to date…Pop Them Thangs

DONNIS – Watch For It Freestyle – Snack Pack Vol. 2 from DONNIS on Vimeo.

DONNIS – Clermont Lounge – Snack Pack Vol. 3 from DONNIS on Vimeo.

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