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Yoooo, so the Comic-Con is this week. The HUUUGE One, The one where Olivian Munn is gonna be at. Yeah that one, the one is San Diego. The one I’m not gonna be at. Lol. It’s definitely on my “Bucket List” though. Anyways, I was going through my comics which for sure is a week venture, and wanted to share with ya’ll The Man, The Artist, That has influenced to do what I do in my life, This Art Life. Ladies and Gentleman : Jim Lee ! I would cop anything this cat illustrated, and I would go back to the crib and try to draw exactly like him. I def idolized him, cause his linework was like nothing in comics at the time. It was Amazing. The X-Men cartoon in the 90’s were based off his character designs. and he has definiley had a huge presence in the industry. Jim Lee was my Hero, mang! LOL that’s the fanboy in me. Anyways, Peep some of his work and some of his joints that are in my collection. I am also getting rid of 90% of my Comic Book Collection, so if you need something get at me. @mrBEasy. peep these CLASSICS.

This issue, is the first Uncanny X-Men, that he penciled, this is the first issue that got me hooked.

This Comic right here was EPIC. f’serious.

X-Men vol.2 no.1 . This issue also HUGE!

My Jim Lee catalog.

It was a sad time for Marvel and X-Men Fanboys when Lee left Marvel, to form a company with the Comic Industry Heavy Hitters, : Todd McFarlene , Erik Larsen, Whilce Portacio and others called Image.

That’s Jim Lee’s WildCats, which was like a bootleg X-Men. Image ended up being a lotta hype, IMO.

DeathBlow, horrible name, Sin City rip-off, but that art was always ILL!!!

peep more Jim Lee art in the Gallery.

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  1. Jim Lee was the SHIT! Maybe he’ll be at Wizard World this year.

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