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Clash of The Customizers


In the sneaker game we strive for originality, we spend countless days looking for sneakers that haven’t seen the light of day for years. Though there is another route to exclusivity that path is customization.Nike hasn’t made a thundercats dunk or a sick colorway that you came up with find someone who can.Customization is the ideal choice for originality as you lace up your kicks. I stumbled across work from a local artist we support him a lot and has done some work for us that mystery man is none other than ST!ZO and the Murakami dunk highs against Diversitile and his Akuma inspired dunks,may the best sneaker win.

more pics and vote after the jump

-The Homeboy Andres

Here is Diversitile’s shoes

vote here

-The Homeboy Andres

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  1. Both designs are sick but I gotta give it to the Akuma Dunks. For me, street fighter was a big part of my childhood and the strings for shoelaces with akuma’s beads puts the icing on the cake. So original, I love it. I would never wear them but I’d put them on display.

  2. Jesus

    +1 for chicagos St!zo
    Shoe is on point.

  3. mishka

    wish i could have had dat dun to my crocstars. but i gotta roll wit da akumas too. thats my fav character from street fighter.

  4. ST!ZO

    Thanks fellas, it was a good match up for real! At the end of the event they will have an shoe auction for charity in LA. The best of the best customizers will be in attendance, so stay tuned….peace

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