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Cassette Singles


“I wanna take you back, back into time. . .” I remember going to Sam Goody, and Musicland (those spots prolly dont exist anymore, kids) and there would be a huge wall of these things you see above, Casette Singles. I would buy some, “g” some . . .but this, back then, was the equivalent to going on itunes, and dling that one song you liked, if you didn’t wanna mess w/ the whole album. I got a few boxes of these, I don’t know why. . .but the artwork is interesting, you can also peep the full circle of fashion on these here covers. anyways this is the “early 90s” edition of what i got and this is just a lick. haha. Peep some classic shit at the jump off.



cs_4Okay ya’ll, I’m not even gonna fron, R&B was dope back then and errrbody had to have their “slow jams” these would kick off the mixtapes you would make for that girl you were diggin’.

cs_6Found a few full album joints also , this was one of my first albums I ever got, and I still got it. . .haha this shit is maaad old, I’m big on nostalgia.

cs_7I listened to all kinds of shit when I was younger. My cousins put me up on house music. Then there was “Techno”. after Techno, there was “Deep House”. That tape right there, had Techno and Deep House.

cs_8Found this too. . . pause .     .         .

Once I come across the heat HEAT that I’ve collected I def will post.

word to tape decks and walkmans.

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  1. Haha!
    Is That Tevin Campbell?!

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