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So this past Wednesday, @mattboywhite was spinning @superfun, rolled thru and always a good time..But ever since that day I have gotten back on my Dipset shit, and Killa Cam shit, lol, thanks Mano..He played a couple joints that night, and it was cool..brought memories of me bumping my ish super loud in the Eddie Bauer..I was hood rich, lol..I had Polk Momo’s all around the truck, man my shit bumped!! Super clean bass…use to bump that Purple Haze album all the time, untill these fucken crack heads on the West Side got me for all my shit, think it was in ’08, they got my sounds and my ipod, all my shit…#Treated…any way, that drug talk, Killa Cam was on that shit, ahahaha…Bird Gang, my shit.. Peep some of this Purple Haze vids, lol..


Click on link to peep more joints, shit what’s ur fav Killa Cam/Dipset Joint?…So many classic line, ahahaha

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