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I assistant coach basketball, with my brother-in-law, for Sabin Magnet School here in the city (B. Easy is fo’ d chiiildren!). After yesterday’s session we went to Borinquen off North Ave. and California and got us some Puerto Rican food. I do not dig on this often so when it’s time to get down and dirty, i order me a jibarrito. That is a Puerto Rican sandwich, instead of bread, they use plantains, and oh so muthcluckin’ deeelisioso! if you don’t know now you know, get you a jibarito with some PR rice and champagne-cola, you’ll be good to go!

The Place.

The food.

The Keeeeds, and my BIL.

B. Easy 93

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  1. […] Mr. B. easy had the pleasure of dining at a locally known Puerto Rican cuisine restaurant called Borinquien in the Humbolt Park neighborhood.  Now, I wasn’t on the blog at that time but I always made […]

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