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BLITZEN VS. SANTA x LEBRON x that dude that wants to be MIKE

This commericial, is all kinds of hot in any which way. . .
minus “that dude that wants to “BE like Mike” (haha i know i’m hating)
But guess who got production on this, guess who Blitzen’s voice is, guess who Santa’s voice is.
If you do, first person that knows, i will give you 15% off of something in the store. (minus vintage and consignment)
word to rap beef.


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  1. Blitzen: Lupe Fiasco
    Santa: KRS-One
    Production by Chuck Inglish

  2. B. Easy

    well come on down. 427 s. dearborn, bring your friends

  3. Dope

  4. Cmon Fam, Yall Cant Hate on Kob!

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