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That’s right, BIG K.R.I.T ticket giveaway is going down! All you have to do is leave us a comment on this post telling us why you wan’t these tickets! Be sure when leaving your entry, use an active email because that’s how your going to be notified if you won.

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  1. Robert

    I want these cause it’s swag to get free shit.

  2. Steve Garcia

    Im going to check out my man Freddie Gibbs, saw him for the first time at Mad Decent block party. He was so raw he blew the amp came on 3 hour s later after they got a new amp and killed the show. Don’t sleep on Gibbs

  3. Alberto

    I want these tickets because they say the best things in life are free…But for real Krit and Gibbs are dope. I’ll probably buy my tix if I dont win these.

  4. Dexter Robinson

    ive seen him like 5 times jo and every show is just as dope from here to austin tx #amazing and i never win so takn a risk

  5. Tommy P

    I want these tickets because Big KRIT is a huge inspiration to me as an artist. Conscious hiphop with soul. Thats where we need to be taking the artform. I’d love to see how the music I listen to off of his mixtape differs when it’s live…odd’s are there will be plenty of passion in it. I’d just love to catch everything I can to help me be a better MC myself.

  6. akeem H

    Im a huge fan of big krit plus i have all his mixtapes dude is a beast glad to see him xxl freshman plus tixs are free & DZA gon be there.

  7. Mic Jonez

    I want the tickest because I’m from the G & I’ve been a fan of Gibbs since he 1st started. The 2nd reason is because Im a fan of Big Krit. Ever since I heard his mixtape Krit Wuz Here I knew he was gonna do big things (Pause). Plus I’ve been telling everybody I know how dope his music is.

  8. Ray L

    I want these tix so that I can flex my Jugrnaut gear at the show…

  9. Luke C

    I want these tickets because I really believe that BIG K.R.I.T has the potential to become literally the best rapper of all time. His ability is above and beyond any rapper in the game today and his music influences my life in the best of ways. I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to the Krit Wuz Here mixtape everyday for about 5 months, all the way through. I’ve spread the word to all kinds of people about how inspirational his music is, but sometimes it just seems like they don’t get the depth that he brings. I on the other hand realize that his raps aren’t mainstream at all, instead they tell a story that is as real as anyone can get. I have immense respect for him as an artist and as a human being and I would most likely kill someone to see him live. Thank you.

  10. jason kim

    just when i thought hip hop was dead. big krits the one that saved it instead.
    music is what i live for. and these tickets are to die for.

  11. Man I first heard Krit on the Glass house on Wiz Kush & Orange Juice, and was like who is this Mississippi dude wreccin. I been rappin a minute and just been feelin most of the new cats comin out. But he was just different. Soulful, real, a feelin about hip hop I aint had in a while. I went ahead and downloaded “Krit Was Here” Man when I jammed it I was like damn, this nigga is lyrical. And he sound like one of my favorite Rappers Pimp C. Pimp C is the reason I began rappin. But Krit was more lyrical with it, but he had that soul that Pimp had with the flows and beats. The song I felt the most was “They Got Us” Each verse I got somebody that is strugglin similar to each character. I thought man this dude is underrated. I was more amazed that Krit makes all the beats and mixes all his shit down. I do bout the same, not so much on the beats, but I mix a lot of my own shit. He just gave me inspiration to keep rappin, when I was really feelin like quittin cuz I thought nobody liked real southeren Hip Hop and Real Music anymore. I really dont mind not winning the tickets, just wanted to say that this dude kept me in the game, and I believe he is the future of Southeren Hip Hop. DK! Dallas,Texas!

  12. Anthony Saengthavongsouk

    I want these tickets because i think Big K.R.I.T is one of the Best Up&and coming Rappers right now

  13. I Want These Tickets Because Ima Huge Big K.R.I.T. Fan…I Been Bumpin Yo Shit Since See Me On Top First Came Out On Youtube & The Shit Was Dope & I Been Putting Everybody On You Every Since & I Want The World To Know How Yo Music Makes Me Feel & I Wanted People To Listen To Your Music Because You Send A Message That The World Isnt All Just About Money Cars Clothes & Hoes & I Wanna Show That Your Better Than Drake & You Deserve More Respect & Recognition for your talent & show that hip hop is alive and we have something in common because my grandmother passed when i was 12 and it hurt & real talk i shed a tear everytime i hear that song so you keep doin ya thing and be the best we know you can be and wish me luck on getting these tickets so i can meet you and rap a lyric with you in person lol Chicago in here

  14. Ian Maina

    Man, when I found Big K.R.I.T I completely pushed everything mainstream away. I literally played nothing but Big K.R.I.T for days on end. There’s something about honesty in music and being able to tell a relatable story like someone has gone through it or can imagine how it must feel to do so. It’s crazy that he’s a southern artist in a new age where southern music doesn’t have much substance except for the O.Gs of the South like Bun B, Pimp C (R.I.P), Outkast, and so forth. He’s got the twang of the South, the lyricism commonly found in the East, and the smooth riding music a lot of West Coast cats have these days. He’s self-made, young, vibrant, wise beyond his age, and not only can he rap, he can produce. I made sure the day I found him I put my roommates on his music. These days they randomly blurt out his lyrics in the living room or one of us plays a song of his in the morning. He’s a talent destined for greatness. I’m trying to see his live show for the real effects of his lyrics.

  15. Nick from the Wood

    Yoooo throw me sum Big K.R.I.T tix because he’s that mans. He did good work with Wiz and Spitta. The Last King. XXL freshman 2011. I got good fam from mississippi thats gone be in town thats been tellin me bout Big K.R.I.T since 05 so i wana see whats good with it. Plussss ima definatly represent with my Jug Army fitted and Jug sheild tee.

  16. Keejuan

    I NEED some Big KRIT tickets because this will be my first concert ever and Big KRIT does not travel to mt city on his tour. I am one of the only listeners to KRIT in my entire school and most kids do not know who i am talking about when I cite Big KRIT lyrics. I started listening to Big KRIT late though but once I picked up his music, I could not put it down. I am only 15 but I can derive a important message from KRIT’s words to help me to continue to push on in my life like Big KRIT does in his music.

  17. Man this guy is a breath of fresh air for southern hip-hop. He is a lyricist and I like his style, very soulful. I like hip-hop artists who say something in their songs. The song dreaming is my favorite.

  18. Marcus

    Why do I want these KRIT/Gibbs/DZA tickets? Because these are some of the illest dudes doing it right now. These dudes gave me hope that hip-hop can get back to the realness of it. Hopefully these dudes will get the shine they deserve & some of that bullshit that’s being pumped out will cease to exist.

  19. Look k.r.i.t I listen to yo music every day and i just lost my job. but best believe ill find a way to get to that concert if i win them tickets. stay up !

  20. James

    From choral lines like “old school, pouring lean, candied yams & collard greens” to bars like “winners never lose, how dare you confuse us, they quote what I spit like Confucius,” Big K.R.I.T. perfectly straddles that line between the historically laid-back flow of southern music with a more complex lyricism that hip hop traditionalists yearn for. Listening to his music, I feel proud to be from the south and witness somebody that is willing to stretch those boundaries a bit with some of the most well constructed beats I have heard in a while. To me, going to this concert would be a great privilege to see the evolution of hip hop in its purest form. Meridian, Mississippi stand up.

  21. Eli

    Just another Trill muthafucka listening to a dope ass up and coming MC!! i myself am a rapper tryna come up and its been a long time since i’ve been waiting for another dude in the rap game to listen to! it sux goin’ in the CD store and never coming out with anything now days..If i were to win these tickets this would be my first show i been to! My inspiration in the rap game are the ghetto boys,UGK,Z-ro,Trae,Wiz,Slim Thug,Scarface,oldschool 36,Currensy,Tupac,Biggie,Wale,Lil Keke, Mobb Deep, Freddie Gibbs,Outkast and ofcourse Young Krizzle!!! Your Music Is As Real As Ever!! Keep Doin’ Yo Mutha Fuckin’ Thang!! Much Love And More Respect…Listo Loc

  22. genesiz

    I NEED these Tickets because Big K.R.I.T. inspired me to become the Artist I am today

  23. Joshua

    BIG K.R.I.T. – What more should I say? One of Hip Hops Upcoming stars. Hes got some raw lyrics, and handmade beats, you gotta respect the man. I respect his music. Hes unique. Krit is an artist who is versatile in many ways. He can keep it hood and gully like the track Country Shit, Or be real and influential with Dreamin. The man is the truth. Watch out mainstream rappers, I think we got a problem.

    Coming from a New York Dude!

  24. I want these big krit concert tickets becuz Krit is a answer to my prayers i never heard an artist so southern and raw in so long I almost lost hope in hip-hop other than myself I want these tickets because i wanna meet krit myself and maybe I’ll have a chance to get noticed and have a shot at this rap shit myself krit inspires me and he is now one of my idols and I just want a chance to meet him my name is D’Andre Miree and Johnny shipes if u ever read this I hope u know I’m a legend in my own time and If anyone deserves these tickets its me also even if I don’t win rememeber my name becuz you will be hearing it again real soon I’m a southern artist from alabama and i’m coming out hard putting on for my state but anyway Props to krit For bringing back southern soul music and I can’t wait tp hear Returnof4eva Monday

    -D’Andre Miree

  25. Shawn Boyd

    Let’s Make this Simple I stay in Manhattan Kansas I am 21 and I been following you for awhile I heard bout you from my friend Dappa Yung and been listen to your music ever since. From what I found out is that you been doing this since 2005 and just getting better. You will be coming to Lawrence Kansas on the 5th of April and would love to go see you with my friends. You a will soulful dude. With your lyrics you can tell a story like Slick Rick keep a dudes car thumpin like 8 ball and MJG and speak to the heart like Tupac. You motivate many and many want and hopefully will follow in your foot steps. I would just love to see the man that keeps me on the move and makes me proud to say Hip Hop can and will be revived. Hopefully I can get my friends to stop saying I am Dreamin and make this dream a reality. “If you don’t believe in something than you will fall for anything” Big Krit Something

  26. steve g

    I want these tickets cause KRIT is one of the realest in the game. It just refreshing to hear some real music from the soul. It is rare to hear a cat spit about life and be creative to a point that make want to listen to the lyrics and not just the beat. Something I can relate to.

  27. i want these tickets so me n my lil nigga can go see big krit a true hip-hop artist and a star in the making. #ifudontlikebigkritthenfucku

  28. Djibril Webb

    All I gotta say is KUSHGOD aka Smoke Dza.

  29. Erik

    I want these tickets so I can spread the word that not only does Jugrnaut have the dopest threads, but they also participate in the dopest giveaways. Also, I want to shit on the land in my fresh snapback and IVs.

  30. Jon

    I got fam from Meridian, MS. Give me the tickets.

  31. alex

    Man i put 10+ people alone on big krit’s soulful music, and im still bumping his shit like its new….and gangsta gibbs been repping the mid west, loving that shit too…i cant miss this I was here before XXL dog, something like this i gotta see, you can deprive me of that jug….and i fucking love jugrnauts gear.

  32. Joe

    I want these tickets cuz my nigga K.R.I.T is dope as hell and i’m from Kentucky so i’m on my country shit too! Big krit saving hip-hop and truly will be a King Remembered In Time.. much love

  33. DavySupafly

    Yo man I need these tix I don’t want ’em, I been supporting K.R.I.T. since See Me On Top Pt. 1 and I got bare niggas up in Toronto on his music, honestly I’ve listened to every single K.R.I.T. song since See Me On Top Pt. 2 and that’s some real shit, I been a fan for time I’m fiendin’ these tix.

  34. Gr3at Ass3ts

    I want the tickets because Big K.R.I.T. gets me through the day. When I listen to him it feels like he feels me and I feel him too… Simple and to the point and Real…

  35. I want these tix cuz I been waiting a long time to see a mississippi rapper that keep it real. If I dont make it id be glad that one of us from down here made it. Big K.R.I.T. showed us we could be ourselves and still get love thank you for that shit bruh! hOLLY SPRINGS MISSISSIPPI CRUM HOUND PROJECTS !!

  36. Mike

    You are the kind of artist that makes a nigga like me proud to be from the south….krit wuz here was a great album…an all most niggas can worry about these days are these corny ass niggas saying swag 50 times in one song…..pimp c said it when he got out of jail…”there’s no social commentary in todays music” I honestly think he would be proud of a young cat like yourself makin beats how you do with live instruments an also touching on so many subjects in your verses from preachers ridin in bentleys, to niggas having aids, and to ridin around listening to scarface gettin game from your pops….also you do somethin that’s very rare now days in rap, which is story telling….being able to do that is ridiculously underrated…

  37. Kendyl P.

    Why do i want the tickets? First off im from th sip like krit. I been bumpin his shit for a minute. Man krit inspires me everyday. His tapes are always in circulation especially when im at work. Im a janitor makin shit (Dreamin video) If i dont het picked its still cool, i will still spread the music of krit every where i go….

  38. Krit is dope and i wanna see dude perform <<<< Epic

  39. RE.L.M

    I feel I should win these tickets because me being a artist trying to come up, recently listening to BIG K.R.I.T has a been major inspiration… The inspiration
    and spark that I once received as a youngsta coming up listening to Outkast and Devin tha Dude. The classic sound of pure, real music that BIG K.R.I.T lays out has honestly brought back that feeling I used to get righting to the last few seconds of a Devin tha Dude track when I first got started. I say that to say this,
    Regardless if I get these tickets or not… “BIG K.R.I.T, I appreciate it homie and I wish you Peace, Blessings and Longevity in your career”.

  40. Ryan L

    I want a ticket for the simple reason i want to see my favorite artist live, it would be a blessin. And even if i dont get them im still seein you live so it makes no difference it would just be one hell of a good look. Krit you speak the truth and ill support your movement til the day i die as long as you stay doin you. And just like you i got people tellin me im dreamin and i want to hear “they use to say” you feel me? Keep up the good music man and you will be a king remembered in time thats for damn sure. Stay up man

  41. I need these tickets because my mom hates me because I wore my Crooks and Castles ‘Cocaine and Caviar’ snapback that i got from Jugrnaut to my grandma’s birthday dinner.

  42. Michael Diaz

    I want a ticket cause… Big K.R.I.T Is Hip-Hop.

  43. Izzy

    Kinda lost on what to say..but here we go. There’s gonna be alot of people tryin to win these tickets, but I don’t mind giving it a shot. To here people say “damn Big KRIT’s givin away free tickets”, it would be hella nice to say “yeah, thats what i got”. Just sittin at the computer watching the time tick by, thinkin of what to type dreamin of what it would be like. To see a King Remembered In Time perform live on stage, damn that shit would be fly! Realizing im competing with a bunch of people with the same hype, really hopin for somethin like this to happen in to me in my life. Knowin im wastin electricity and damn that bill really kills the paycheck, got a carpayment due in 2 days and i aint even gotten paid yet. This is my first time testin my luck actually tryin to flow, tryin my best to float, speak and glow againts all these people. But hey, even if I don’t win, you know its all good, if you ever have another giveaway, I’ll be here again givin it my all, I know I would. So if you have any spare tickets in the end just let me know, and tell me when. I’ll be on the next flight to wherever it is, to see you live I’d do this a million times over again. You see I was born in a ghetto and just like everyone else I dream of gettin rich, but who needs that when you go through livin life day by day, listenin to Big KRIT.

    Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll only have today…Appreciate your time Big K.R.I.T.

  44. Buddy boi

    i want these tickets because i just think krit is dope plain & simple. he’s bringing dat reality rap back&its so inspirational to up-coming artist such as myself. So in other words i would like to see an up-coming legend in the flesh. & on dat note im gone folk

  45. humberto adame

    Don’t switch up keep it 1000 u tha realest I have heard in a long time thanks 4 tha time machine track way way back.



  47. Joel Castillo

    I want these tickets cuz ima true krit fan i feel all his shit eveything he puts out is dope seein him perform would be raw business

  48. Will

    I would feel guilty going for free! Ill break bread. Aint even trippin!

  49. As a true hip hop head K.R.I.T. makes me proud of the South and makes A LOT of these so called rap niggas sound like they swinging from trees. Dude is bringing that real South shit back to the top and I’m honored to be a fan. His songs always makes my mixes and I campaign hard like I’m on the promotional team payroll. Peep my push for K.R.I.T. on wordofsouth. 4EVAUGK is the name and been that way for years. BTW Music is my life. I’m glad to add him to my heart & mind. My cd collection ranges from Rhian Benson to Bohagon I would love to show him my love for music especially this rap shit he is on the verge of taking over. Now Or Neva right?

  50. The song “Hometown Hero” is one of the many reasons I still have hope in pursuing a music career. K.R.I.T gives his Listeners more than just inspiration, he has the ability to put “Something” from his perspective on a track and give many cats a whole new outlook on things. It’d mean more than a lot to get these tickets and would be even more of an honor to get them free to go see the Return of Foreva. But regardless whether I win or lose, I ain’t gon stop what I’m doin til I’m “Viktorious”. Word to K.R.I.T

  51. Ana

    I’m not trippin’ if I don’t get these free tickets. I already know that these would be some hard earned money goin’ to something completely worth it. But it would be great if I did get a free ticket. I keep my music by my heart, and I safe guard it everyday. It’s real personal, and I just wanted to say thank you– cuz most cats would just wanna charge everything cuz they too scared they won’t profit.. I guess.

    ps. you’re style is nostalgic, close to the legends before us. However, you have your own flavor…
    oh yea…

    head to the bay, please. lol 🙂

  52. Not sure if I will win, but shit, I am going to the show at Trees in Dallas, TX on April 2 either way, it’d be cool to get in free though.

    But why me?
    I’m a fan.
    -Well, I downloaded the free version of K.R.I.T. Wuz Here;
    Went back and bought the louder version on iTunes that was missing the 3 tracks (Country Shit, Hometown Hero and Glass House if I’m not mistake) and roamed the web to find loud versions of those to fit in the proper place;
    Then when I went to the Krit/ Curre$y/ DZA show when they came to Dallas I bought the physical K.R.I.T. Wuz Here mixtape.

    I believe in Krit’s music. It seems like honesty is no longer valued in hip hop nowadays, but there are a few artists out there that are brave enough to give you who they are, Krit is on of them. Gibbs is another.
    Because of how I feel about both of their music, I have gone to greater lengths to get their music/ support.

    In Krit’s case, I got the old mixtapes off of iTunes, the slightly skipping version of See Me On Top 3 off of CD Baby, Curve Your Enthusiasm, Before There Wuz Here, and Hell, I even bought the Grillade/ Krit vinyl and have never owned a turntable.
    With Gibbs, I bought Str8 Killa off of iTunes, and then went back and bought the physical copy from since it isn’t available down here in TX.

    So, I don’t know if any of the above makes me worthy of free tickets, but Krit (& Gibbs) have me excited about music again, and its been a long time since I have been.

    (Also, I’m involved with a couple of internet radio shows, getting some interviews would be fantastic, I know that has nothing to do with the contest, just throwing that out there…)

  53. I should win these tickets. Because I myself am a King Remember In Time…
    aND IM FROM TEXAS.. R.I.P Pimp C..

  54. justin

    man i dont know were to start….yall just dont know how long i been waitin for a artist like krit, if i had to mode the perfect artist it would be him. I lived all over the south, and i love my southern upbringing…and krit just embodies what the south is to me…i thought when pimp c died the south would die too, then i stumbled on krit. He not only embodies the south tho, but hip hop..he gives ya the best of both worlds, he good for mainstream and undergound like a rappin oxymoronic artist….just another artist i can add to the list when people say the south dont rap about shit. Basically the tickets would be nice, but i jus want krit to know what he doin for the south frm me and that i fully support the man.

  55. e-man


    I’m assuming that this giveaway is for a show somewhere in Illinois, based on where you are located (also, thanks for not making that clear).

    I’ve been spreading the word on KRIT in social and can’t wait to see his live show. Dude is for REAL.

    Waiting patiently,


  56. Strick

    I haven’t heard the truth in rap music since Kayne West dropped College Dropout. K.R.I.T bring that soul and represents the south hardcore. I’m Georgia and when any southern rapper make hits I listen. This music is legendary K.R.I.T. is all of my favorite southern rappers in one. Everybody wants to dance but the truth needs to be displayed in music we in a recession fuck making it rain. K.R.I.T talks the real shit on these records. I knew this music would stick to me when K.R.I.T said on a record whats a college degree when there is on jobs to apply for and McDonald’s won’t hire ya because you over qualified. Seems like I have been in almost every situation that K.R.I.T. has rhymed about. I remember the days with my big brother listen to UGK Outkast with the bass turned all the way up on a hot Georgia summer day. Those was the days and this music brings me back to that with soul. Those times were I used to go to my grandmothers house and eat cakes and run around her yard driving a red go cart chilling. If K.R.I.T. don’t sell a 3 million records or better ill be pissed at Def Jam because this real music, and get that bull they play on 107.9 and V103 down her in GA these fools not rapping what you rapping about. But like Andre 3 stacks say thought provoking records the radio will never play em SMH. On a last note I wont these free tickets because a brother haven’t ever been to a concert in his life and before a brother kicks the bucket I gotta see my folk Big K.R.I.T touchdown and shut the stage down.

    It’s Now or Neva,



    I should win the tickets just to give my son the chance to meet K.R.I.T. Not only do I feel like I’m the KRIT street team by having to download his music over 100 times for ppl b/c once they hear him they be who is this I’ve neva heard of him and he speakin the truth. KRIT, I told you when I met you in Charleston, SC that you are the truth, and how much of a fan my son is. My 58y/o mother has a copy of K.R.I.T. wuz here b/c she says the tracks are nice and he has a message in all his songs. You have reached the hearts of ppl 6 months ole to 66 years ole without an album. You are a true HOMETOWN HERO!!!



  58. Brandon Middleton

    Straight up I’m just a country boy from S. Carolina who feels big krit production, rhymes and perspective on life and rap. Orangeburg in dis bitch

  59. Portia Monet

    I got my tix the day they came out!!!!!! Good luck yaal!!!!!!

  60. Rochelle

    The reason I would like this tickets is bc you are the first artist/group that I have been excited for in a long while… I am looking up anything and everything you have ever put out. I am not a hip hop head by any means, but I am a music lover. I mean I haven’t been this excited since I discovered Rage Against the Machine and Eyrkah Badu when I was in middle school. Like I hear folk(artists) lately and I’ll be like that’s dope but you truly put me on noticed, this is corny but I don’t know the right words but i get butterflies when I hear your music…

    Now I can’t related to everything you spit (we have different life experiences) but I can always understand what your saying bc your are a great story/fact teller. And the song you just put out “Dreamin” was the perfect thing in my life… BC at times I feel like I’m battling the world or I cant get shit right to reach my goals but if i keep the vision and keep grindin, things will be aight, your song just reinforced that.

    But real talk, even if I don’t win this give away that’s cool. I just want you to know I truly appreciate and love your music.. I have been spreading the good gospel of Big. K.R.I.T since I first heard of you. And worst case I will just have to wait to see you on April 23rd in VA. BC I stay MD but trust and believe if I win these tickets my Honda will be pushin to the Windy City to see your show. All the best, I can’t wait for tomorrow & ReturnOf4Eva to drop… Thank you so much, your music came in my life just at the right time and I’m truly happy about that… Thank you


  62. Dan Fielding

    I would love these tickets because i am one Big K.R.I.T’s biggest not from his hometown or state but i am from Chicago. I support him out here just as much tho. Ever since i heard my life aint rosey ive been a huge fan. I ride around my neighborhood and all i hear is this garbage that some aritsts produce for us and radio stations play for the people. And its all just a mess…when i listen to Krits music im inspired to give hip hop a better view and hope that it still has meaning. I lost my father at an early age and since like ’06 krit has given me thoughts and lessons that if my father was here would have. I never even thought he would come to tha Chi and heres my chance. I can say that if i do get a ticket or 2 they would be Much appreictaed cuz this is a gift i couldnt give to myself but maybe you can. I work hard but get paid shit. If not congrats on whoever got them ill hopefully see you next time!! BIG K.R.I.T KING REMEMBERED IN TIME

  63. Rosario

    Man I feel I should win, because I been over here in pensacola, FL puttin on for you for 3 years now, lol foreal all my friends tell me I should be a promoter cause I’ve been pushin all ya’ll new cats where I’m from especially you, Jay Z used to be my favorite rapper till I heard children of the world I thought that was hot but then I started gettin deeper into your music and finally I was like this dude is that freshness, you go around ask how you heard of krit and they’ll say my boy Jon Rosario if they know. And if they don’t, they’re bound to know sooner or later. I’ve posted every video you’ve made on face book gettin out the music, same with yelawolf, and Rittz, me and my boy are deep in this underground hip hop ish, and to me you aren’t so underground anymore, you’re the future along with a lot of these new rappers comin up cause ya’ll sound way different, nobody who ever made music before sounds like you, your music is more than just music to me, it’s advice to live by, it helps all us cope with the things and hardships of real life, we can’t relate to the material of these commercial rappers cause all they talk about is gettin the money most of us will never see, and living the life that most of us will only get to dream about, they don’t focus so much on where they came from, cause I guess they forgot, but I listen to Somedayz and I’m like Exactly, children of the world, expressing the emotions of us regular people dealing with everyday problems and showing the world how bad it can really be when you have nobody or anything standing in your corner. You stand in the corner of all these people, Me and my boy came to the Howlin’ Wolf for the smokers club tour back in the beginning of october last year, but Curren$y was headlining. You only performed 4 songs! I was pissed, Id love those tickets cause as much as I love your music and because of how ready I am for Returnof4eva tomorrow, it would be an awesome ass experience to see it all done right in front of me. Pensacola, Florida 3rd coast holdin it down for you K.R.I.T. the future of this whole hip hop game. Be easy ya’ll. RETURNOF4EVA

  64. Zahvier

    I Know Im Likk Number 63 As Far As Responses Goes & Mine Prolly Wont Even Get Read But I’ll Give It A Try Anyway Cause I Really Dig What Krit Stands For & The Message He Tries To Spread To The Youth. To Be Honest I Havent Heard A Down Souf Rapper Speak The Truth & Speaks Wutz On Their Mind & Actually Get Their Point Across Since Chad Butler & Mr. Justin Sctt AKA Krit Really Reminds Me Of That Ya Know….

    But As Far As Why Should I Get The Tickets I Think Iz Because Me & Krit Kind Of Had Simular Struggles Well Im Still Struggling Lol, But Im From A Small Town In South Carolina The Only Difference Iz He From A Small Town In Mississippi & Where Im From There Is No Bright Lights At Night Time Except For Maybe The Police Lights Every Now & Again. I Also Would Just Like To Get Away From This Small City Just To See Somethin Different From The Normal & Plus Its Hard Tryna Chase Your Dream Stayin Where Im Located I Droped Outta High School Had A Son At An Early Age Never Really Had Anything Good Happend To Me In My Life Except For My Son Being Born. So If I Could Just Get The Chance To Kick It Mr. RETURNOF4EVA, DJ WALLY SPARKS STEVE & The Crew I Wouldnt Have The Wordz To Explain That Shit 4real

    PS. Keep Brangin That Kuntry Shit That We Love To Ride To Pimp

  65. paul rueda

    man i remember the first time i heard big krit man….i instantly fell in love with his shit… i swear to god i hate school but albums like KRIT WUZ HERE make college so much more relaxing and easy to get through. i live on this shit getting these tickets would be jus one more thing

  66. Christopher Rodriguez

    Big krits music is always unique and relateable, it helps me get thru hard times that I’m going thru but also reminds me of who I am

  67. “King Remembered in Time”… the first time I heard the description of the name… I was hooked. Watched an interview… I was moved. Then I listened to this cat’s music. An old soul in the body of a humble dude. I talented young producer and MC. I gotta tell you… I played “K.R.I.T. wuz here” OUT! And I mean… all the way out! I’m a Colombian Hoosier (if that shit aint’ fucked up!) and this concert/show is in Chi. I wondered where the show was too and then I found out it was in Chi?!! This is too much. I’m an artist too. A visual artist. And a lover of Hip Hop. I make shirts. Dope ones.I would love the opportunity to simply GIVE him a tee shirt. I don’t want to pitch him a thing! Just hand him a gift. Just one artist to another in pure admiration and friendship. And I was somewhat reluctant to mention that being that I’m sure someone as talented as K.R.I.T. has cats throwin’ themselves at him. People have agendas. That’s not me. I genuinely love his music and can recognize the soul he puts in it. and the unbelievable grind it must’ve taken to get this far in the game. That’s a dream. I respect K.R.I.T. as an artist and I see what he’s tryin’ to get across in his music. There’s a certain nostalgia to it. A friend of mine recently texted me and told me how dope the album “K.R.I.T. wuz here” was after I turned him onto it. I told him how great it was to hear that and that I truly hoped my people would “get it” even if it didn’t sound like Little Brother (no disrespect… I love those cats.) So anyway… don’t know if I conveyed it well enough but… when I see K.R.I.T. on interviews and I listen to his music, I truly think, “This is a cat I need to meet and see. One artist to another” I hope this resonates… it’s genuine. All the best to K.R.I.T. and his camp. I will see you at some point!

  68. Idio_Khem

    Man I would have loved to win tickets to Nola show on the 30th..but I’m broke as fuck. I don’t even need the tickets the music is enough I appreciate what you doing K.R.I.T

  69. I wrote about big krit for right when the last king dropped

  70. kevin

    really love krit wuz here. want to smoke a blunt with the man himself, i’d love to be at the concert and i’ll have a fat one rolled up for after.

  71. Man I fuxx witcha… my favorite rapper bruh…..n u make dat country shxt dat a nigga like me can relate to

  72. @Shaneisbased

    because KRIT is the future and the past of The SIPP rolled into one. And I deserve the tickets because I am the definition of the Mississisppi struggle that lives and breathes in KRIT but that can be said for all the south bt I see it everyday has I live in Philadelphia, MS ^_^

  73. John

    I need these tickets. Im a hip hop head in college that spends all his money on student loans. KRIT’s music is a powerful tool that I use everyday. Im a business student and in charge of organizing a concert at my school. Our 1st choice was KRIT and it turned out him smoke DZA and Freddie Gibbs were affordable for the school. Unfortunately when we went to book KRIT, the date was no longer available. I’m going to see you live one of these days, just wish it could have been this year!

  74. Lee

    MAAN HOLD UP!!! Being a born and bred Houston 3rd Coast representa growing up on acts like ESG, UGK, The Geto Boyz, Devin The Dude, etc… People know good music when they hear it… Im gon keep it 100 and say that the first time I played a couple of ya songs I was paying attention at the time and let it go, but my homie had it in his ride one day and was like dude have you heard of Big K.R.I.T and I said yea… So he plays the disc and I LISTENED to it and been hooked everyday since, No Lie! My Itunes has K.R.I.T the most played in a matter of days and I have ova 3,000 songs… Big K.R.I.T hands down is my favorite rapper and I am proud to say that I will follow him and support him 100! You best believe Im in that concert on April 1, 2011 @ Warehouse Live to jam out in person wit dude… Hopefully I can meet ya one day and tell ya face to face how much respect I have for ya… Thank you soo much for bringing Real Hip Hop back… King Remembered In Time cuz It’s The Return of 4Eva Hoe!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Stein

    I need the tickets because Im a lover of hip hop. K.R.I.T is bringing back that vibe that the game been missing. Ive never ever been to a concert in my life. Its 2:45AM 03/28/2011 I just woke up in middle of the night and hopped on to see if the album was up for download yet and saw the jugrnaut ticket giveaway I didnt even know k.r.i.t was coming to town. I think k.r.i.t is one of the hottest rappers and producers in the game right now. I aint got no bread so if if I dont luck up on these tickets only show ill be seeing of k.r.i.t is whatever sxsw footage they got online. I dont even know what to type i just think k.r.i.t is one of the illest cats doing it right now I identify with him can relate to his subject matter his music just speaks to me he rap about everyday life whether you in meridian,ms chicago,il or newark,nj. I think its about time for mississippi to blow alot of ppl in the industry got roots in mississippi and aint repping (brandy and ray j mccomb,ms, snoop daz nate dogg)

  76. Tom

    Why should I win these tickets? Because it’s 1:42 am on March 28th and I’m FLIPPING out because the album isn’t available yet! As if it wasn’t bad enough that I had to wait one more whole week for “Return of 4eva”! I need my K.R.I.T. Crack! I’ve been on “K.R.I.T. Wuz Here” since it dropped last year and I’ve bought pretty much every other song by K.R.I.T. and the Alumni. My friends are all annoyed with me because every time we get on the topic of hip hop I bring K.R.I.T. into the conversation. The beats, the lyrics, the flow, the content, the feeling, the hunger and the heart are all there. I’m really loving the new “Wuz Here Sessions” with Grillade. I wish K.R.I.T. would do a whole album with them. Anyways, as you can see I’m hooked so I’d love these tickets, but even if I don’t win them PLEASE come to San Francisco, or at least the Bay Area so I can pay to go see a show. This is the resuscitation of hip hop. It’s the Return of 4eva hoe!

  77. dion

    man i dont live in chicago so them tickets no good to me lol but i just wana know when is krizzle comin back to dc and what time is that tape droppin

  78. Ed Alexander


    I was born and raised in Houston, so I’ve always been a fan of great southern music. I’m talking bout from 8ball&MJG to 3-6 Mafia to Scarface to Little Brother to Outkast to Geto Boyz. I pride myself in listening to music for lyrical content and not the musical fad of the time being; therefore, it goes without saying that my favorite group is UGK. I know the comparison has been made a million times over, but BIG K.R.I.T. exemplifies a reincarnated Pimp C (may he rest in peace).

    You have to respect an artist that puts serious thoughts into his wordplay, and an artist deserves even more respect when the beats he’s riding is one that he produced himself. It goes w/o saying that “K.R.I.T. Wuz Here” is an INSTANT classic, and I’ve been on pens and needles waiting for another studio project from K.R.I.T. I want these tickets because it is a rarity to get to experience REAL music, and I thoroughly believe that I am one of your most avid supporters. K.R.I.T. is the first in an army of up and coming rappers who I believe hold to key to reviving good music, and I want to experience this musical “Lazarus” affect.


    Another King Remembered In Time, Ed

  79. bub

    Hmm to start off I’m 17 from Huntington WV and krit did change on how I listen to music..use to be that kid who would listen to what ever was jumping krit was a artist that actually talked about problems I was going through which helped me alot. To be honest tho if I won the tickets I wouldnt even go I would give them to my older brother and his friend just so they could spit for krit….i kno if God gave them a way there God would let them rap for krit and I’m not expecting a rap deal or a song with krit but I kno he would say they was good…which might be all they need to try to get out there kind of a sign of hope but its hard down here since everyone trying to listen to other ppl mixtape how they are blowing money etc and not music with meaning like krit o well doubt krit wants to ppl trying to spit like everyone else so I probably won’t get the tickets but thx for making this cd free gas prices going high and I would buy the cd and call off of work lol
    *Cough* get at me twitter @bub_304

  80. PBA

    Recently I’ve been helping a lot of old ladies to cross the street, recycling — next Halloween I’m thinking I’ll probably limit myself to half-bowls of unguarded candy, with their little signs pleading “Please Take 1” — in short, doing anything I can to reset my karmic (im)balance. Have I rectified my glaring imbalance? The free ticket, it appears, is the litmus test.

    I’m already locked in to the Chicago show, but I’d love to grab free entry to the Carrboro, NC show at Cat’s Cradle. If nothing else, free tickets are a bit of incentive to make the 2.5hr trip (one way) from Charlotte to Carrboro, and also impetus to ask Friday off from work. Monetarily, free tickets would free up enough spare change to move my gas-efficient ride all the way to the end of my driveway. But it’s more that I’d appreciate — as I’m sure everyone posting in this forum would — that someone else, K.R.I.T. & company, would likewise appreciate my presence.

  81. I’m a real fan, once I saw the video for “I’m Here” i was an instant fan. K.R.I.T. represents everything I am, the style of rap I enjoy the most, the concept of his message x lyrical ability, the soulful and bass thumpin production, and the delivery. I have download Krit Wuz Here, A King Remembered In Time, The Last King, Hood Fame: King of Queen, Good Talk vol. 9. I’ve purchased the Grillade x Big K.R.I.T. collaboration, See Me On Top 1 & 3. I’ve witnessed his live performance twice now, both in Atlanta,GA. Once over the summer in 2010, and again for New Years at the Smoker’s Club. Unfortunately, the tour isn’t coming to Atlanta, so I planned to go to Chicago to catch him and another dope rapper, Freddie Gibbs live.
    I recently graduated from Howard University. While there during my last semester, I dj’d functions and parties. I made a conscious effort to put K.R.I.T. on at HU. For parties I’d get it crunk with “Country Shit”, for chiller atmosphere I’d use tracks like Something, or if I wanted to get the ladies twerkin I’d play “Private Dancer” or “All Grown Up”. I played him confidently, knowing that if people are exposed to him they would respect him. Now I hear “Country Shit” at numerous parties and even on the radio and I sit back enjoying the fact I helped break that record in DC.
    Like my peers Im content with not winning, because I will still support the homie. If I can scrape up enough funds I will catch a flight and go from Atlanta to the Chicago just for the show. It would just make it more memorable if it was free.

  82. Spencer Parker

    My conversations with god always seem to leave him speechless. after i heard that i wrote this.

    when i’m rollin in the whip
    lookin out the glass
    sometimes i get to pondering about things in my past
    all the times that i had if they were good if they were bad
    all the things that i could change man if i could go back
    if i’da done this or if i’da done that
    but even for all my love i can’t get that time back
    man i swear to god that’d be the only wish i had if i could just tweak the past maybe i wouldn’t be so mad
    but unfortunately i can’t so i put this pencil on this pad
    always practice what i preach so i lay my emotions on this track
    my nigga don’t laugh i know u got yo own path my words the only thing i got to stand on till i give my last
    until my lungs got nothin left
    you can bet i’ll still be bangin right here in this treble clef
    had to do this on my own i aint get no fuckin help
    so don’t complain up in my face you better take that to the refs
    music is my only passion so you know i’ma do my best
    and boy i’m eatin on this beat send my compliments to the chef
    all they bullshit was bad for my health so i don’t listen to they lies because that real shit is my pref
    what good are all these skills if theres no way i can prove them
    what good are all these dreams if i’m not gonna pursue them
    what good are all these thoughts if theres no way i can say them
    what good are all these lyrics if theres no way they can play them
    what goods the opportunity if i’m not put to the test
    and what good is my all if i’m just gonna give less
    i’m tryna live without the stress so i write all day all work no rest
    you can guess i’m on a strive to be better than the rest
    not bothered by competition but to them i am a pest
    still so much to prove and very little to lose so i brush this chip up of my shoulder and get this off my chest
    with mu up in my legs and ku up in my fists i put the border on my back and for those stacks i give them this
    in the middle of the map, no coast close
    pop a champagne bottle let a nigga get a toast
    where them rivers intertwine i’ma spit these fuckin flows
    catch em on facebook news feed ya number 1 post
    i call my verses real cause its whats in my brain
    put me on the road to riches i break down in memory lane
    these dudes buyin fresh shirts and i’m just tryna clean my stains its a shame you can only find love through pain
    but it aint noone to blame cold world colder game in the end i’ma do my thang simple and plain

    even if i don’t win these tickets just know that through your words you have inspired me to write wats inside my own with a feel that i have been looking for in myself a long time.
    rap needs you if they want to admit it or not because all that bs that you hear on the radio it would be nice to hear some real shit now and then

    u comin to kc here soon and i’ma be there fa sho

    knockem dead k.r.i.t.

  83. Big K.R.I.T. has easily became one of my favorite rappers within seconds of hearing his quality music. His lyrics touch your heart, and your soul. His voice at times can send chills down your spine because of the emotion that comes from his inner being. Along with his amazing lyric content and story telling, he brings some of the best production to the table that i personally have ever heard. His beats know how to hit you where it hurts and also make you bob your head and smile while you kick back and enjoy the story being told by K.R.I.T. I plan on going to see K.R.I.T. with GIBBS and DZA in NC on all three dates that they will be here, and some free tickets would be nice for the pockets! Regardless if i win, ill be in attendance.

  84. tito

    I grew up on rap when it was real music and not this watered down commercial shit we have now… i remember when u had to have lyrics and skills to even think about radio play… shit i remember when it wasn’t even on the radio… i remember when they rapped about cultural times and economic oppression… i remember when they rapped about real life and reality… i remember when they did it for the luv, passion, and desire…

    Now i want to thank u for bringin it all back to the real fans of rap and hip hop… thanx for the luv and passion u bring to your music… thanx for bringin the story telling and crativity back to the game… remember your roots and keep doin what u r doin and u will be “remembered in time”

    u r the future of rap

  85. went to Austin to see you at the High times doobie awards

    what happ?

  86. Marvin

    i would love these tickets simply because you are someone i don’t know personally that changed my perspective on where hip hop is going in the future. I didn’t give up on hip hop but with all this pop type shit coming out now, its really no one out there relieving stress and giving hope to us anymore. You are though. Please don’t give up on us and make music as if your still struggling because a lot of us still are. God bless your journey and may he provide you more Gumpshun than you need to excel.

  87. BeenDownSince05

    Man I just moved to Chicago and i feel like I gotta be the biggest Big KRIT fan out here… I admit i got put on a little late with the KRIT Wuz Here but I went back and got See Me On Top I-III, Hood Fame, Last King, King Remembered In Time and I bump some KRIT daily.

    On new years I flew from DC to Atl that day just to go support the Smokers Club movement. Out there I got a chance to meet KRIT and he’s just a chill man who was down to earth. So of course the respect level had to go up from there. Real talk Im just trying to suposrt something real and thats what I feel like he and his music are.

    Man for real I feel like KRIT puts me in a place that gives me motivation to get to the next level. His music is hood but intelligent, its conscious but I don’t feel like Im getting preached to and thats why I bang it so hard.

    “Born a King, Been a King, Be a King,Stay a King, act as 1 until i diz-ie”

  88. Sean

    I am a huge K.r.i.t. fan. My girlfriend passed away two years ago and I can honestly say his music has helped me get through this time. To keeping me laughing, having fun, and reflecting on some of the most serious topics in life. I have done a lot for others but I am looking for that break to have something for myself. That is simply why I would love to win some tickets. My funds are tight due to the fact that I am a New York City Teacher struggling with budget cuts and spending the rest of time raising money for children with cancer. K.R.I.T. is truly a King Remembered in Time.


  89. Chupasauce

    K.R.I.T is one the greatest out right now, why wouldnt I want these tickects? His music is so powerful it almost brings tears to my eyes and that is all I have to say……WAIT! Yelawolf is that shit too.

  90. Rene

    To tell yall the truth I fell in love with Big K.R.I.T.’s work in a matter of Months. He’s just Real Southern Hip Hop something we’re lacking nowadays. I’m not gonna sit here and type that I have all his mixtapes and shit cause I don’t. But it only took one song too change my views on him “Hometown Hero”. I’m just Keepin’ 100 for yall! The same way he Keepin’ it too.. you can tell in his music!

  91. Rick

    K.R.I.T. is a lyrical genius. After hearing “Hometown Hero” for the first time I was hooked. I was supposed to see K.R.I.T at club 534 in Richmond along with the rest of the Smoker’s Club. But they got kicked out before they got to perform (which doesn’t make any sense. It was the “Smoker’s Club” tour of course they are gonna smoke). I missed my chance to see a top five show. I’ll definitely go see K.R.I.T. again but getting free tickets would make up for the fact that I didn’t get my money back and even worse I never got to see K.R.I.T. live.

  92. I feel I deserve those tickets because watching Big K.R.I.T. live would be one if the most important events in my life. I don’t have a job and I dont have any money, so I highly doubt I’ll be able to attend the show otherwise. I attend Columbia College Chicago and I also rap. Big K.R.I.T. is my number one inspiration for my music presently. I was able to buy the physical copy of Krit wuz here in order to support his music. The next step is to see him perform live and that would a dream. But thanks to Big K.R.I.T. I believe dreams come true and hopefully my dream of seeing him perform will come true. #returnof4eva

  93. chris ong

    im tryna come up on these tickets cause i love my nig krit. Just found out about him about a year ago and i’ve been downloading mixtapes like crazy. Krit wuz here was fuckin hard and i love how much talent krit has. That is what really stands out to me along with being an activist and tryna start a movement. I respect him for that and im with it too! He the most relevant and real rapper and deserves to be chillin on top. His beats go hard and i cant believe he produces his album and raps over it! Always flows never fuckin shit up switching up styles. Has the characteristics of a great rapper and you can tell with a careful listen. Fuckin juiced to the return of 4eva.ho

  94. Siera

    I love you & your music! Your the FUTURE OF HIP HOP & SPEAK NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!! I’ve been listening to your music for a while now & knew you were gonna BLOW!! I appreciate your realness & the fact your a HUMBLE as hell!! Boston is fucking with you for sure…..I would love to see you do ya thanggg!! XO

  95. Ask Herlofsen

    I would love to see your show! You are one of my favourite rappers! I keep you and Yelawolf close to my heart. Your music makes the world go around, and you make my day great! Even if i win, i cant go! I am from Norway, and the tickets are too expensive. It allso explains my bad english! Big krit, keep your music real!


  96. scott

    cuz you make your own beats what the fuck
    returnof4eva is gonna be siiick

  97. Roni

    i am a huge fan of big K.r.i.t. i really vibe out to his music…listen to his music everyday. i have seen his concerts on youtube and the energy is CRAZY!! lol even though im 6months pregnant…i would love to go and i will woddle my ass to that concert lol.#returnof4eva

  98. SK

    One of the few artist that still speak shit i can relate too, (Krit)
    Comin from TX hearing UGK, Dj Screw, SUC, 8ball & MJG,
    Krit brings all those unique sounds and puts em in one.
    The KRIT was Here was the first Mixtape i Heard from Krit,
    although i didnt pay no mind to it the day it dropped.
    Later toward the end of the year just came out n suprised the hell out me.
    Been waitin for today so i can comp that Return of 4eva!

  99. D

    When I heard ya music for the first time, I realized that I have been missing out on a whole world of music that deserves to be on our T.V.’s, radios, and iPod’s. Some of my favorite tracks like “Hometown Hero” from K.R.I.T Wuz Here which u sample “Hometown Glory” from UK owns Adele, “My Life Aint Rosey” from See Me on Top which I think sound alot like Phil Collins “Coming in the Air Tonight”, without the guitar or Nas “One Mic”, and your latest “Dreamin” which I love the sample of Brothers of Soul “Dream” which I knew as soon as I heard ya track thanks to my gramps in which he has tha original vinyl….u did ya thang on that hoe fa sho fam much love. Your a musical genuis lyrically and with your production. But a nigga like me a trippen if I win or if I dont I will still be at Trees in Dallas TX April 2 supporting fam, keep doing ya thang.

  100. UW

    I flipped my lid when I realized K.R.I.T. was touring in the midwest (especially with the line up!). I have already bought several tickets to the show, but would love to be able to give them to friends so they can experience what I mean when I go on and on about how amazing the music is. True talent, great albums where I listen to every song, this is how music should be made. Much Love, Im looking forward to the concert.

  101. King Remembered In Time

    Man where do I start, I first saw the children of the world video on mtv jams late last year in my junior year of high school. I automatically became a fan when you said “im pretty sure my first words were survival; looking for the answers inside the bible; trynna decode all his secrets my conversations with God always seem to leave him speechless. At the time I was going through some things that had me questioning my faith in God to. And I became hooked ever since. I downloaded K.R.I.T wuz here and from the second I pushed play return of 4eva to voices I was amazed that I NEVER pushed skip. I even listened to the interludes between songs from movies like Dead Presidents and Friday Night Lights. I became even more of a fan on Viktorious when you said you make your own beats. EVERY beat is crazy and the fact that you were able to make them and still spit flames made me respect you even more. I listen to Moon & Stars while riding at night and I feel like im riding through Mississippi. I listen to you so much my 11 y/o sister quotes you sometimes lol just from riding in the car with me. You not really a punchline rapper your a great story teller and you rap about stuff that real people go through. I swear I just sit back and listen to all your music for days. See me on top vol 1-3, hood fame, woodgrain soul, the last king, krit wuz here, etc I just put em all on shuffle. When I heard Exhibit K when you said “krit just not a name its a acronym; king rememberd time but none comes after him.” I never truly understood what you meant until I saw the Nardwaur interview and you said you make timeless music. And thats exactly true when Im 40 im not gonna be listening to some of the stuff I listen to now. But I garuntee I’ll be listening to you. Even if I don’t win Im gonna find a way to see a show. Most of your shows are at clubs and Im only 18, and doubt I can get in.

  102. Big KRIT came into my life around this time last year. My whole life I’ve always had an ear for Southern rap, the southern drawl, that country swagger, the way it bumps. Recently the South hasn’t been delivering what I know and love. I wanted to hear real Southern rap, rap that was about the struggle, the hustle, and different ways of life. I was looking for something to fill the gap between this new era of rap and the greats of the South such as UGK (R.I.P Pimp C), The Geto Boys, OutKast, Master P, and so on. Then I heard KRIT and his music was the biggest breath of fresh air. His music inspired me. His intelligent lyrics coupled with his Dirty South attitude quickly made him one of my favorite rappers. Being a college student just barely scratching by I felt like I could relate to Big KRIT’s lyrics about the hardships of trying to make it as a young person. Although I’ve made countless road trip plans to drive out and see him perform somewhere in the country, they sadly always fell through due to money and time restraints. Winning these tickets would finally give me the opportunity to see one of the most talented rappers in the game right and to witness a future great right at the cusp of his career.

  103. J. Carmody

    Last year I got on board with the jets and the taylors, and shortly after I stumble upon Hometown hero by BIg KRIT. I listened to that everyday walking to class, before every football game, and whenever I got in my car. I’ve been telling all my friends about Big KRIT and they all say he’s good but really give him the time. A few months ago I download Good Talk Vol. 9 which was hosted by Big KRIT, like you can guess I bumped that ish all the time. My buddies get on bored and start listing, then when Big KRIT won XXL Freshman of the Year it was a huge deal. Not to say it was not a huge deal but it would have been a bigger deal if he did not make it. I assumed he was gunna be on that without a doubt..

  104. 2daysondeck

    point blank period the rules i live life by K.R.I.T. embodies effortlessly

  105. What it do K.R.I.T. ?
    I just want to hear some country rap tunes from a country rappin legend! (time will tell about the legend part) if I don’t win, and I prob won’t . I’d be happy with you putting out great music every year. I’m out!

  106. Ay!! Me again.. Come through D-town and put on one them shows. Bet

  107. B. Morris

    Last year I heard Krit’s verse on Glass House off of Wiz Khalifa’s Kush & Orange Juice mixtape and thought dude sounds like that old southern rap I grew up on (Outkast, Master P, UGK, Goodie Mob etc.) I was on a month or two after that and ran across Krit Wuz Here and thought I’d give dude a hear and Maaaaannnnn it’s still in rotation to this day. After that I started watching his videos by Cinematic Music and Creative Control on youtube…listened to his older music, downloaded The Last King by him and Dj Breakem Off. I really felt like I could relate to his music and appreciated that he talked about real stuff. I swear every line in ‘Children of the World’ seemed like what most young intelligent black males like myself think about and go through. Whether it’s religion, relationships, education, or the government he touched on ALL of that in this song and his production is crazy! As a college student who’s had his struggles, and is majoring in something where jobs are scarce; I felt him all the way when he said “Teacher talkin physics and I just wanna be fly..what good is a degree when there’s no jobs to apply? and fast food won’t do cuz you over qualified.I’m feelin like hustliiiinn!!” Big K.R.I.T. has an ear for old soul music to sample, he has the beats that will satisfy the trunk rattlers, and the lyricism/content comparable to the late great Tupac. I feel that seeing Krit perform live is a Must and a once in a lifetime deal. Plus I’m in college and broke…I can’t afford tickets man!! lol P.S. ‘Somedayz’ and ‘Can’t Be All’ videos = greatness

  108. Sauce Buddy

    I seen these other responses and was like damn…I jus want sum free tix so I can spend more $$$$ on the Loud Imma be smokin at the show!!!?

  109. James

    Well Ive seen Krit already before with Currensy, and I must say I need to see him again forsure. I will be attending regardless to if I win these tickets. Oh, and returnof4eva is straight rediculous.

  110. Winning these tickets will probably be the difference between me attending & not attending this show, cuz spending money is nonexistent 4 me right now. But I wanna share my experience regardless.

    Big K.R.I.T. changed my outlook on music in a BIG way! Being from Chicago, I’m used to hearing new independent artists damn near every second, and much of it seems to be people who are just desperate to get on. I don’t knock their hustle, but many of them have nothing to say, no passion for the music, & just chant BS over beats. I lost interest in the new stuff & had been playin classics for a long time.

    That all changed when I heard the perfect mix between conscious lyrics and undeniably contagious beats. K.R.I.T. was so refreshing to hear that I kept “K.R.I.T. Wuz Here” in rotation harder than anything else I can remember. I bumped it for 3 straight months in my car last spring/summer. I literally DID NOT remove the damn CD from the player. LoL. Nobody I knew even heard of him, but they ALL felt his music immediately & asked for a copy after cruising with me & hearing K.R.I.T. I’ve truly been a fan (and lowkey a promoter) since day 1. That mixtape will forever remind me of hope regained & one of my best summers EVER in Chicago. To me, he’s already a King Remembered in Time.

    Much love!

  111. eddy

    16 year old kid.. living in the projects.. the only person i can really look up to is BIG KRIT.. spits nuthin but reality and is genuine ass fuck.. he inspires me to rap and to do my own thang.. straight outta richmond CALI.

  112. C Staff


  113. I think Big K.R.I.T. is one of the most talented and musically mature 24 year olds I’ve seen in ages. I’ve been a huge fan ever since I saw the video for Moon and Stars remix with Curren$y and Killa Kyleon. Krit Wuz Here blew my mind, and I’m dying to hear ReturnOf4Eva. So the main reason I want to see him is because he’s brilliant, I admire his work, and I think it’ll be a great show. The additional reason is that I want to take pictures of the performance, post them on my Flickr account, and write a post about the show for my new music blog

    The other reason I plan to go is because the Blind Pig is going to be a brilliant place to see Young Krizzle and the rest of the guys on the tour. Peace!

  114. quwan88

    Man I am a college student in Georgia and honestly I like all the new talent but really K.r.i.t. representing the south well man, really appreciate the kind of music he produces…it just inspires me to make good music.

  115. Rochelle

    Son I already left a message for the tickets…. But I just had to say the song “Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed and Ecouraging Racism” even with the typo lol is some true true real shit…

  116. Simply put, You’re inspiration.

  117. p block 602

    yo krit i discovered you in october . but on some real shit i have been battling cancer since november of last year n have spent countless hours doin chemotherapy and radiation, and spent weeks in the hospital and straight up i kept krit was here on repeat for months on end n now im bout to do the same with return of 4eva. you speak real shit and if nothin else i want to let you know your music really helped me through this shit for real n im not on no dick ridin shit but i found strength in your music you are the truth n i really look up to you man your in a line of work that is ran by fake flashy bullshit but you have kept 100 from day fuckin one. i put my homies from queens n the chi on to you n they dont even fuck with the south but they could feel your shit. but anyway man the tickets would be fuckin dope but at the end of the day keep doin what youre doin cause your helpin people in real way not just givin people hot tracks to smoke n ride to but music that gives people hope strength n opens their minds to the big picture of things. your the next bun for real. n keep puttin on for Mississippi people sleep on the sipp like they sleep on my state Arizona southwest representa!


  119. Javier

    Man, everybody in here is making some shit up trying to get these tickets. I only got two, Big KRIT is dope as fuck and I like free shit.

  120. Vince

    Whats good krit, the reason i would like some free tickets is so i can witness a true southern MC in action. Even if i dont win (but i really hope i do), if u were to TEX i would defiantly be in attendence, cuz there aren’t many mcs down here, just those cookie cut rappers who like to brag bout how wealthy they are. I dig your sound cuz u describe whats real and ambitions rather than money or other superficial shit. So please keep puttin out that real music and stay true cuz, from what i read in the comments section, im not the only one who appreciates real hip hop and finds strength in it. Stay Up and much love from SA Texas

  121. damn i gotta say i didnt think i would like big k.r.i.t. but he is really dope and inspired me to follow my dreams and winning these tickets would mean for me to see someone perform who didn’t think it was possible, but staying true and hardworks helped you reach your dreams of rocking shows and dropping dope music thanks for the opportunity to win some free tickets.

  122. Rob

    I dont even care about winning the tickets (even though id love to see big krit live) i just want to let him know that his music is an inspiration and that he is keeping music alive and we need more people like him so real music does not fall off ever.

  123. T$

    Thank-You Krit. Respect from Alaska! Started off as a country Boi from SC now i’m trynna make something of myself in this military and your music is the soundtrack of my life brah…Not literally but musically b/c if i had the talent to Rap id try to push a positive message just like you.. Even tried a few times lol Glad i can rest easy knowing you spit da real.. K

    Your an artist and musician, “Late enough, to be on time” couldn’t be a more accurate statement to describe your music. I pray you continue to spit dat real.. and stick to dem country roots as crazy as that sounds lol cuz damn if dat country living ainnt hell..

    #NuffSaid Respect & Prosperity to you, continue to give us that soundtrack for da struggle and voices for those who dont have the platform to put out a powerul message.

  124. CS Haze

    Wow there are so many good reasons that many have listed here. All I can say is, I new very little about Big Krit up until about 6 months ago. As soon as I heard hometown heroes, that song took over my life. It made me realize we all come from somewhere, and its important to represent that somewhere forever because it made us. Since that day, KRIT has been one of my biggest inspirations day to day. I saw his interview saying he was ready to quit music, that KRIT WUZ HERE was going to be it, and one phone call changed everything. I too have been in that spot a lot recently, not knowing if what I am working toward is what is meant to be, and I let that remind me that at any one time one thing can change your life for the better. Whenever I am little off about what I am doing, I keep his words in my mind, living off of next to nothing, freezing as cold with no heat, eating ramen noodles all day. But the simplest thing of his music and words pick me up off of that, does that make me deserve free tickets? Probably not. But I don’t even care. I just want the man to know what an inspiration he has been and stay on that grind, and I look forward to meeting and working with him someday soon. Somedayz. Much respect, hope I see you at the show KRIT keep on keepin on.

  125. Man first off F.T.bullshid, Big K.R.I.T. is now in my top 5 Rappers. Ever since I heard Moon and the Stars Remix I just started lookin him up, more and more songs and videos. CreativeControl tv and CinematicTv. I aint gone act like ima 10 year supporter but im glad i know who he is now. K.R.I.T. is a musical genius, he got bars, and most importantly what I like is the boy got a message. I fux wit his music hard. Im from the hood out here and i know exactly what he be talkin bout. Plus its my birthday on the 8th of April. I chose to celebrate my 22nd birthday at the bottom lounge, this is gonna be a big night and i gotta spend alot of money that night lol. I might as well get a free ticket or two. Reguardless we in the building wit u Krizzle. lol. Lets get it! But real talk, let me get that ticket mane lol. ha im out!

  126. Joe heavy

    Big K.R.I.T is saying what needs to be heard, all of his songs serve a purpose. As opposed to soulja boy & lil b, Big K.R.I.T is now entering the hall of fame and will go down in history as one of the best that ever did it. Keep up the good work, because it is truely paying off my friend.

  127. Marco ''POLO'' Jones


  128. Pusha E

    I’d love to see Big KRIT in concert again, the show was great and his message is even better. He’s a real good artist that puts a lot of hard work into what he does. I’m glad to see he’s coming up because everything he puts out is well thought and not just in tune to what corporate wants and far outshines the usual ignorance that shows up constantly on the TV and radio. Great music from a great artist, keep it up!

  129. Thanks for the ideas you reveal through this website. In addition, numerous young women which become pregnant tend not to even aim to get health insurance because they have anxiety they wouldn’t qualify. Although some states now require that insurers offer coverage no matter what about the pre-existing conditions. Costs on these guaranteed programs are usually greater, but when thinking about the high cost of medical treatment it may be some sort of a safer way to go to protect your current financial future.

  130. Carroll Jones

    I need these tickets cause I been fkn with krit since mt olympus days. I put a lot of people on my Mississippi brother

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