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best2009I have compiled a self-explanatory list of everything musically awesome in 2009 click after the jump and check out my PERSONAL opinions on stuff that made my 2009 awesome ! (The list is no particular order)


It seemed like 2008 had brought us so much unique styles of new music that it was only fitting that 2009 would bring all the biters….Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed a lot of the new sounds that 2008 had brought the world but by the time we got a few months into 2009 I was sick of hearing about “fresh”, “sneaker game” and “skinny jeans” (even though I wear skinny jeans) It was like even well established rappers we’re going over to this new genre of so called “hipster rap” and completely evolving their style to fit these new trends….But then alas, Nipsey Hussle breaks through and brings back Gangsta….Not that gangsta rap went missing at any time, just to me so many we’re caught up on these new artists that they let it starting go back underground (or close to it) ….Nipseys song, “Hussle In The House” was 1 of my favorites this year especially from the Gangsta genre !! *Notables : Return of Cam’ron, Jeezy dissing Gucci Mane


Us having done a lot of in-stores here at Jugrnaut, we’ve had opportunities to meet some of our heroes/favorite artists….Some have been letdowns (cough Q Tip cough) and others have been just what you’d hope they would be like, one of those and easily the best in-store (for me) of 2009 was Raekwon of Wu Tang Clan….Not only did he sign every autograph he was genuinely a cool guy and super down with our brand (rocking it in his Catalina video) ….Take that and mix it with one of the COLDEST hip-hop albums of the year, the highly anticipated super overdue “Only Built for Cuban Linx Pt 2” and Raekwon easily gets a slot in my countdown. (Thank you for continuing to put some real hip-hop out there !!)


Love him or hate him, Drake was the man this year. Although I’m still convinced he’s slightly overrated noone can hate on his grind….The man did a country wide tour, was probably the most prominent “feature” in hip-hop music, and signed to Young Money ALL without dropping and damn near without announcing any album project….Not going to say much more because this guy is everywhere and that speaks for itself. *Props to Trey Songs for his comeback also …. he’s got mad dudes that never would have listened to RnB on that !


#KanyeShrug …. You knew this was going to be on everyones 2009 countdown ….


Man easily one of my favorite New Schools acts, PAC DIV, dropped easily one of the best mixtapes of 2009, “Church League Champs” I was a huge supporter of this project after hearing it and we played it on loop in the store everyday for about 2 months….Every song on it is something you can vibe to and never feel the need to forward any tracks….that’s a rare thing for me to experience today in this world full of “rappers”….Props to West Coast New School


Our homie Mic Terror dropped his 3rd mixtape “King of the New School” early this year and it STILL is one of the best mixtapes of 2009 in my eyes….With a list of features you’d expect to see from a signed artist (M.I.A., Travis McCoy, GLC and more) Mic Terror really set himself apart from the over-saturated rap markets and set his well-deserved place in the industry, having caught many labels attentions over the mixtape/buzz….Cold lyrics and good songs make this mixtape a winner….*Props all of Treated Crew


For what it’s worth …. Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Royce da 59 and Joe Budden….While didn’t seem to last….it was super cold.


One of the DJ’s I really look up to seriously did his thing this year, DJ Benzi dropped nothing but heat throughout the whole year, like I said none of these are in order but if they were, Benzi would be sitting nowhere past #3 in the Best of 2009 countdown….His summer installment of Get Right Radio, recently dropped Motivation 3, Donnis’ Diary of an ATL Brave, the Mike Posner mixtapes, his US OPEN Amplitude mixtape, AND the super dope 10 DEEP x Benzi project, “The New Deal”….Yes my friends, DJ Benzi won this year and I hope he continues his reign as one of the new mixtape kings in the industry in 2010


Something that probably should’ve been on the Top 10 of 2008 (or maybe even 2007) FINALLY dropped this year, Kid Sisters long awaited, anticipated album “Ultra Violet” was released to the public with great reviews….Her collection of songs both old and new and a few reinterpretations of some classic house/freestyle songs made this album live up to the anticipation….Her release show at House of Blues was very dope too ! *Props to Universal for the tickets






________________________ that had __________ and then ___________________ with ________ ____________ and __________ to create __________________ on of the _____________   _____________ of the decade !


See ya’ll 2010 at Jugrnaut !

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  1. Daniel

    Definitely the Kid Sis album had to be uo there, I’m so mad I missed her concert.

  2. I’m excited that Kid Sister went to my school (Columbia). Very dope Chicago native.

  3. Someone post the mixtape link for mic terror! That tape was classic.

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