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Yes you know the drill…Let us know why you want these free Asap Rocky  tickets in the comments section of this post! Our favorite answers will be chosen, that people we choose will win 2 tickets to the Asap Rocky  show at The Congress! Please  use your real email, winner will be notified via email provided. Contest ends 11am day of show.  Good Luck!!! *Please only 1 comment per person and make it count.

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  1. juan

    I really wanted to go see asap rocky and asap mob when they came last time, but I missed it. If I win these tickets it be awesome. I been a fan of their music since the first time I heard of them. If I win these tickets it will be a dream come true.

  2. Juliano

    I want these free a$ap tickets because he’s one of my favorites in the game and its gonna be crazy Thursday night at congress! I haven’t been to Chicago in a minute since I moved to the burbs and I’m tryna go back to chill with my Chicago familly and see a$ap. real talk, I was gonna buy a ticket but I had to help my moms with the bills so I’m broke now. Please hook a young Latino up

  3. I like the ASAP crew because of what they represent. They show artist like myself, that you can be who ever you want. Just because your from the hood doesn’t mean you have to dress or talk a certain way. They promote the fact that its cool to be you, people respect real. I also dig the various influences present in there music/ visuals.

  4. Nick Hopkins

    I have been looking forward to this show for MONTHS and I even took time off work the next day so I could enjoy my night seeing A$AP & crew. Sadly due to unexpected expenses,I couldn’t afford to buy a ticket. If I won a set of tickets my mind would be blown. I be that pretty mutha-mutha ughhh!

  5. Rynedilla

    I really want these tickets for my brother abd i because of him, I’m still alive , was diagnosed severe kidney cancer last June of this year and sacrificed his kidney to save me, we are in great medical debt and unable to buy ASAP tickets and we are both big fans of the ASAP mob and the jugrnaut family
    -thank you

  6. coke & white bitches…

  7. Uriel

    ASAP MOB / DANNY MA FUCKIN BROWN / and that nigga Q! this can’t be missed and if you guys @JUGRNAUT gave me free tickets that’d just be icing on the cake I’ll remember this kind gesture for a LONG time.

  8. Victor

    Cause I’m trill as fuck…and I’m a pretty muthafucka

  9. CD

    TIX WANTED: Starving artist Asian girl lives and breathes hip-hop and is dying to see favorite artists of the moment – A$AP, Danny Brown, and Schoolboy Q in the illest Chi city!! <3 Have never won anything like this and will love Jugrnaut FOREVA for this, even more than already! xx

  10. I’ll tell you why I want free tickets to the ASAP Rocky show.. I went to his last concert and it was insane! Rowdiest concert I’ve been to, and I grabbed the fuck out of Rocky’s french braids when he crowd surfed ( no homo, but don’t really give a shit ). Also, I have been a huge fan of LONGLIVEA$AP since it came out last Halloween. I even bang his first mixtape Deep Purple! I’m a huge fan of the whole A$AP crew: Nast, Twelvy, Yamborghini, Ty Beats, Ferg etc. If you give me these free tickets I’m about to take my socks off and get weird as this concert so I’m telling you they are going in good hands. I’m also a huge Schoolboy Q fan, and I mildly fuck with the molly poppin Danny Brown. HOOK UP THE TICKETS!!!!!

  11. Eric Martinez

    I need these tickets cuz I just lost my damn job and when I was working I would blow my few 10 hour a week check on jugrnaut. plus asap be on point and I’ve been wanting to see him for a minute now!!

  12. brendan hall

    i just wanna tun up with some white bitches..

  13. Brandon

    First off, I am a die hard Rocky, schoolboy, danny, and mob fan. I would love these tickets because of many reasons. First off, in early august I was supposed to go to Kansas for school and because of last minute financial and family issues i was forced to come home for college while all of my friends are away having the time of there lifes so basically these past 2 months I have been socially bored and deprived, my point is that getting these tickets would be one of the few things that I can take as a positive of being home because personally my last couple months here have been miserable and I haven’t really had anything to look forward to in a while. I want something to tell people about because lately I’ve been forced to listen to my friends tell all these great stories about school. In the summer me and all my friends would listen to ASAP literally every day and do crazy stuff which was the time of our lives and going to this concert would bring back the great memories with the people that I haven’t seen in a couple of months. I’m not writing this for people to feel bad for my situation because I believe god has a plan for everyone but I personally feel that I am deserving of these tickets.

  14. D'Andre

    These comments are kinda of sad b and I feel for some of you guys n your problems..I wish everyone good luck on winning these tickets ya know….. My name’s Dre, I’m just a full time college student, full time hip hop lover and i love bitchesss. I wanna win these tickets because I know its gonna be an infinite amount of gorgeous women and I need to be in that bitch turning up right along with them. I saw ScHoolboy Q at Reggie’s Rock Club in May that shit was extremely turnt up so I just know this A$AP event is gonna be intensely EPIC. So idk I’m just a fan of hip hop/ rap, a fan of A$ap, Q and Danny Brown so I hope to get these young tickets. That is all.

    p.s. You think this show”ll be better than Kendrick’s???

    p.p.s. Who’s job is it to read all of these comments & pick the winner?? hahaha damn

  15. Sven

    Because today is my birthday! 😀

  16. Jay

    As soon as there’s a hand out, people feel they can drop all thier fronts and tell you some real shit about how horrible thier life would be without these tickets. Don’t get me wrong, i sympathize with the honest ones. Regardless, these tickets would make my month, this thursday is my girls birthday and i know some tickets would definitely make her happy, which makes me happy. Also its difficult getting s foot in, in my chosen field, and i need to connect with these guys. I have been trying to contact them for mad long but nothing works as well as an in-person introduction. Hook a homie up, Muscles!

  17. ATribeCalledJess

    I just wanna live a little.

  18. Q

    I already got tickets, fuck a hand out.

  19. Mario

    I want these tickets cause I don’t got a job! And I want to get jiggy as fuck with my gf. Also if you guys are hiring holla!

    Pretty Flacko.

  20. K1dj0k3r

    What’s up guys. First & formost I’m not trying to win these tickets for myself. I already bought myself my ticket a few weeks ago from jugrnaut. I am trying to win them for my best friend & cousin Justin. Me & him had planned on going to the show together but due to legal complications he was forced to sell his ticket. He’s not going through the best time right now & I want to surprise him with tickets. I honestly feel like a night out going to see his favorite artist will help him turn around his luck.

    Good looking out for always putting on these contests.

  21. Juan

    Hey Jug fam, my names Juan. Im a fan of ASAP and Danny Brown. I meant to catch ASAP last time he was in town. This is one of the last concerts I’ll go to for a while. I leave for army basic training in early November and wont be back until March. Big supporter of the store, hopefully before I leave I can hit up this great concert

  22. Diana M

    Asap Rocky has been and still is in my opinion the realest rapper to me. Last time he came to Chicago I was out of town and lost the opportunity to see him, which made me very sad. My sister, Ana, has the same opinion on him, and her birthday is coming up in a couple days so this would be her biggest highlight. I want to be able to celebrate a special occasion with a special performance. There is nothing she wishes more right now than to be able to go his concert. I know he does not let down his fans and this would be an experience of a lifetime especially since she is turning 21. It would mean the world if we could be given the chance to go and have a good time like one is supposed to, ASAP always does it the right way. Also Chicago is a trill place and we need to go to this trill concert.

  23. Ana Maria M

    Hello Jugrnaut team,

    You always have the best way to hook people up. I appreciate this chance! I would be really grateful if I win the tickets because me and my boyfriend have the same birthday and it is coming up very soon, the 25th. I would love to celebrate it by going to see ASAP and his crew, and have a great time! turned up performance for a turned up crowd!

    Thank you! and may the best post win.

  24. Airam

    Hello JUGRNAUT,(:

    why i want these tickets? Because it would MEAN something very SPECIAL to me and my little sister and it would be our 1st concert that we go to so that would make it even MORE SPECIAL and a AMAZING to see A$AP & A$AP MOB (our favorite rappers) And i love how the way thay rep where thay are from and that how i feel about CHICAGO<3 and thats why i have a great connection with his music and been a BIG fan ever since thay came out. well thank yous for your time
    (and if i win i am planning to wear The JUGGS t-shirt i bought for your store) 😀
    -Airam (A$AP4LIFE)

  25. Lance

    I want these tickets because I’m ASAP ROCKY’s biggest fan!!! I wasn’t able to go to the last show because It was a school night, these tickets would mean the world to me. ASAP is my Idol! I literally play LiveLoveAsap mixtape everyday on my way to school. And the new Lords Never Worry mixtape. Words can’t really explain how much I want these tickets, I want to see ASAP perfrom “Thuggin Noise” That would be DOPEEEEEEE.

  26. Sean

    Why should you gives me these tickets? Aside from the fact i’m trill, and rep that A$AP mob daily. Well let’s see… I bought a ben baller hoody from you guys a few weeks ago, I check your blog every single day. I been to a few of your events like Schoolboy Q, Dom Kennedy, and Chance The Rapper. Even some meet and greets, I didn’t have enough money to buy a ticket to Rocky’s show. So I feel like this is my last chance to see my favorite rapper…! I didn’t have the cash to buy a ticket, because I had to pay for my senior pictures. It would be amazing to see ASAP Mob, Danny Brown, and SchoolBoy Q tomorrow. Thanks…..

  27. Anonymous

    I want these tickets because Im in need of some juice. Last weekend I got so fucked up… my stoner ass lost my backpack with my MacBook in it and this is the only thing that will cheer me up.

  28. Anonymous

    ^& by anonymous I meant Troy ^

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