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Air Jordan Countdown Pack VII/XVI

For you Jordan heads out there (if you don’t already know) its another package scheduled to be released this weekend June 21st. The “Hare” VII’s have been well anticipated since their original releasing back in 1992, and the Black/Red XVI’s with the removable shroud.

Is it me or does it feel like Mike and the Jordan Brand team are going crazy with the package releases.It seems like every weekend there’s another Package coming out, but hey theres nothing wrong with that i guess. Shouts out to Mike the best basketball player to ever grace the hardwood (Yes I’m a Kobe hater). Enjoy pictures brought to you by

“It Was Written”


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  1. the only one of these i want at all is the 11’s and 12’s… all these other shoes are either too recent or have replicated too many fucking times. 11’s and 12’s are the least fucked with and 2 of the best… Gimme Concord or Columbia (The Grail of 11s) 11s and either the taxi 12s or the black n red joints and they got a buyer.

  2. Mike B.

    Ill pass……

  3. Kobe haters unite! 24…..that’s whack on all counts.

  4. Pissymattress

    Yea this shit is getting ridiculous….ppl who dont even wear mikes or dont remember anything b4 the 2nd 3-peat will break their neck for these i say just cop OG’s and stash em…..o…and shouts to the REAL G.O.A.T………Mamba that is

    ~end communication~

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