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10 Deep fall 08 promo video…

I was surfing the youtube and found this 10 Deep skate video its promoting the fall 08 line.  This shit is hot, they snapped on it.  We need some ish like this at Jugrnaut…gyea.  enjoy.


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  1. jugrnautchicago

    that shit was dope but yea rog we should do that especially after we get the jug line goin

  2. calebjames

    yall should fuck wit me son…(no homo)

  3. B. Easy

    “yall should fuck wit me son…(no homo)” . . . lol

    yeah man. . .it’s a must

  4. Brez1986

    Need to keep upgraded..this is alittle old homies..peace

  5. jugrnautchicago

    ^^^come on man,lol b serious

  6. Joob

    That was a dope10 Deep plug

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