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Northcoast Day 1

Lines were so crazy to get in! after waiting about an hour to get my media pass i run in and go straight to Juice World.

He actually was a really dope performer, and he even brought out a little boy during his set that knew every word to his songs. Super cute!




Juice World DSC_1261-Recovered DSC_1257 DSC_1273-Recovered

After Juice World I ran over to see Smoke Purrpp. Hes someone I’ve been waiting to see for about a year now, and his performance didn’t fail to impress me. He was super interactive and I recognized his Dj because he was on tour with pouya a few years back! Really awesome set, was bummed I couldn’t shoot the whole thing because of the 3 song rule ) Media gets kicked out after 3 songs)

Smoke Purrpp DSC_1364 DSC_1354-Recovered DSC_1390

After Purrpp I ran over to see my friends Iris Temple at the Aux Cord DJ set! They are seriously so talented , if you havent listened to their music by now you’re missing out. I think the are actually going to blow up in a year a two, they recently just got off of tour with Xavier Omar.

Iris Temple


These performers were the nicest people ever! Had to get a shot of them, they helped me get into a real restroom so I could avoid the porta potty DSC_1661

Of course I had to get a photo of the beloved free drink area. Everyone is the guest area is lucky to have this every year! DSC_1680 DSC_1513

My friend Bella visited from New York and ALWAYS has the best outfits on, so I had to capture this moment.


Photos by : Bianca Garcia 

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