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Manny Muscles-Rags to Riches Mix

Its been a while…well I did this mix last year, around this time and never really put it out.  Anyway, forgot about it till now because I was just listening to it on my itunes.  Well I wanted to share it with you guys and get your feed back.  The first song I put on here is by Tony Bennet, Rags to Riches.  The song is super dope to me, I added a baseline which goes hard IMO!  I first heard the song in Goodfellas, dope movie btw.  It’s in the opening scene right before the beginning credits roll.  I put a variety of songs, old classics and some, at that time new songs, now old.  Either way take a listen and if you like share and comment.  Oh just so you guys know it was done live and may have some mistakes in it, but a this point it to late to redo and make perfect, so this is what I got, thanks for listening.  If you like the mix, check out some of my other mixes on  Hope everyone had a dope V day!  Art by me, I kept it super simple, haha.  Click more to take a listen!  Also below is the download link.  I tried to put it on sound cloud but they keep taking it off, if anyone know how to post on there please let me know, thanks!


Rags to Riches by Mannymuscles on Mixcloud

Download Link:

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