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Jugrnaut x Revolution Cannabis Tee collab now available in-store and online

We teamed up with Revolution Cannabis one of the largest cultivators in the midwest. They named a strain after us, Jugrnaut Diesel, that gas! If you have your card make sure you pick some Jugrnaut Diesel at your local dispensary. If you can’t have the buds then at least own the tee’s! We did two one with the iconic leaf and the other we played on the Diesel part of the strain. Flipping an old school gas pump! Both available in-store and online #csws #chicagoeverywhere #jugrnautdiesel






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  1. Brooke

    Are these still available? I navigated the link above, but could not find this specific design in either color option. I work at an IL dispensary and would love to see this in stores. Thanks!

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