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Jugrnaut OG Spellout Pullovers in Black and Camo available this Friday 11/21/14 in-store and online.  Jugrnaut print on hoody with American Flag Pactch on sleeve.  Click after the jump to see more pics.


CamoFront CamoBack blackfront blackback

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  1. Michael Ruhlman

    Awesome! As a man in his mid 30s this is exactly what I needed for this winter season. I feel sorry for other men wearing proper clothing from an established retailer, what a joke! Am I right guys? Well big shout out to Jugrnaut for keeping me hip and cool! I have no aspirations to have a 401k or a 9-5. I just want to wear cool clothing and grind. Maybe I will even try this 420! haha! Cant wait for the next drop!

  2. Clark Webster

    Awesome cant wait to buy this tomorrow after work. Gonna grab a few for my crew as well so we look fresh when we slide thru River North! No more suit and ties for us stocks & bonds men. Hoody and Martini crew! S/O!

  3. Jeane Burn

    Ahhh, financial security and a fresh hoody! Going to be riding clean in my Maserati, if the wife allows of course! haha.

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