So for today’s post I’m a put u on what I have been listening to on and off since it dropped.  Been bumping that new Dom Kennedy “Get Home Safely”, it’s super chill and super dope.  I fucks with Dom cause he be saying some cool shit and its super chill, makes me think of summer and LA, man I wish it was hot as fu@k outside.  Anyway his last mixtape “Yellow Album”  was super dope. He was just here on Tuesday for his “Get Home Safely” tour which I missed, :( , cause of the grand opening I attended for East Room, all good, but I did get to open up for him last time he was out here at Reggies. That show was dope!  Oh, we also had the in store with him for that tour, hopefully some of you got to make it to shop that day.

Hit more to check out some of the other songs I think are pretty dope and to check out a small documentary of his.  The “Still Callin” vid is his latest release, take a look.

 This song is pretty dope also.

Get Home Safely mini documentary


But on that old shit, this was my joint and still is, goes super hard to me, cause it’s so chill and he be saying shit lol.

This one was also dope of that “Yellow Album”


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