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New video by your favorite live producer Nertherfriends this time he bring Jinx along for the ride. Press play and enjoy.

First official release for Mpulse’s upcoming project with Keef Boyd.  Press play and enjoy.


Flying Bach starts September 25-27th at the Chicago Theatre, get tickets online at this will be an epic event.  Make sure you get your tickets now.

Jinx’s latest video off his upcoming itunes album GMBC available on itunes 8/31/15 more info on Jinx

“Blasphemy” serves as an emphatic, confident palette for Mpulse to showcase his abilities. This also serves as a hat tip to a classic Jay Z line. Shox Wav handles the production, and he did a wonderful job on making the perfect soundscape to compliment the concept. Mpulse has a new, big project coming very soon and we can promise its his best yet!” This beat goes crazy and Pulse delivers, press play and enjoy!

Let Pulse take you on a trip of his past. He explains his come up and does a good job. Press play and enjoy.

“Mpulse tries his hand at Kanye West’s “All Day”, which he decided to call “Pyramids”. He is currently in Atlanta putting the finishing touches on his secret project that he is planning to release very soon.”

Closed Sessions newest signee Kweku Collins (@kwekucollins) releases his latest effort, Kings produced by himself. The song explains how he uses music to feel like a KING. Kweku is fresh out of high school and caught the attention of Closed Sessions, so he has also hit our radar. Press play and enjoy.

I’m new to Eyezik, but dude can rhyme and sing his double time is impressive.  The sound is an interesting combination of a lot of elements simple raps, double time, off key and on key singing.  It’s pretty dope he’s definitely landed on my radar.  Press play and enjoy.

GHOSTS from cameron alosa on Vimeo.

This song is dope but the visuals make it better, that’s always a good sign for a video. You may remember a post I did a month or so ago on Larry Birdz, which has since then changed his name to Threekao, pronounced 3-K-O. Above the video for his first drop, Ghosts directed by Cameron. Press play and enjoy the purple sunrise!