New Stussy came in the shop earlier this week; and in recent fashion, we decided to shoot a quick editorial showcasing the pieces from the drop. From crewnecks to long sleeves, Stussy came in clutch with this delivery to suit our needs for the upcoming chilly October days ahead of us. More pics after the jump.




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Come on by Stussy delivered some heat for this chilly weather. Click after the jump to see what else arrived.


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10 Deeps Victory line has arrived at Jugrnaut come on by before your favorite piece sells out. We can do a phone order if you have paypal just give us a call 312.435.4635 click after the jump to see what else arrived.

flag navy jacket
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The new 10 Deep “VCTRY” drop has arrived at the store. Featuring a nice selection of outerwear, crewnecks, and hoodies emblazed with flag patches and prints, that follow suit with the sportswear inspired collection. Stop by the shop to check it out or check out more pics after the jump.



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When you hear the term Sad Boys 2001 the last thing that comes to mind is hip hop. A year ago a friend sent me a video of a young white kid with a bucket hat, rapping off beat, with a rather strange video on a track entitled “Ginseng Strip 2002″. Brushing off the video as a joke, I was months later formally reintroduced to the artist now known as Yung Lean… Read the rest after the jump.


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Today at 1pm these new Jugrnaut Tees will be available in-store then they will be available online at 6pm! Click after the jump to see what else is dropping.


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OG is the official remix album by OG Webbie released via Jugrnaut’s Pay it Forward program. OG takes some of your favorite Daft Punk Jams and puts a Webbie spin to them. Click after the jump to see track listing.


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The “Pay It Forward” project is our initiative to give back to aspiring artists by gathering friends in all kinds of creative fields. Having them teach the audience via a video interview something that they learned during the course of them honing their craft. For our first installment, we have recruited our homie DJ OG Webbie. Webbie has been spinning and producing for the past couple of years under the wing of Treated Crew cult leader, Mano. See what he has to Pay Forward below. Shot and edited by @theparkerfoster

New Jugrnaut tees releasing this Sunday 9/28; just in time before it starts getting chilly and we drop that young FW14 delivery for all of y’all. After going to the mecca of all good mexican food, aka Little Village, Chandler London and I shot a short shoot around the neighborhood with the 8 tees releasing. Check out the pics after the jump or stop by and check ‘em out yourself at the shop on Sunday.



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Movits!, the Omy’s, and Pete Peeve live at the 1st Ward this Saturday.  We are giving away ticket via our instagram @Jugrnaut HERE