10 Deeps Birds of Paradise Jersey has arrived come on by and get before its gone. You can also get online HERE



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Mpusle snaps for this one, rhyming over all his favorite hova beats and its dope. Press play and enjoy.

New Saint Millie visual, this song and video are amazing. Take a trip with Saint Millie through the cosmos. Press play and enjoy.

“OG LOAF shows Mpulse’s strong suit, flowing effortlessly over the classic boom-pap sounds of Don Cannon. This song shows why Mpulse stands out from a lot of his peers. While not compromising to whats trendy, his ability to step back, go back to the basics but still keep it modern and fresh, is a breath of fresh air.”

Well here we go again, Vic is making us all wish we had as much fun has him. He said it on the Innanetape, and he continues to push his agenda. Fun, fun, fun. Sometimes fun means dropping liquid hallucinogens into your ear and allowing everything else to unfold in front of your eyes. Feel That is yet another example of Vic’s creative abilities. The visuals are once again mind blowing and make you hit repeat until you are spitting alongside him…..(Read the rest of review after the jump)

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North Coast has officially announced headliners and its looking awesome artists like Bass Nectar, Kid Cudi, Snoop Dog, and many more. Make sure you buy tickets HERE  before they sell out and you miss out.


From the West Side of  Chicago, artist Saint Millie, is back back at it again with his latest release  ”Who I Am”, produced by VSLU. The single will be featured on his upcoming project,”Glory”, scheduled to be released in September.   Take a listen and let us know what you think.  Click more after the jump to take a listen.  West Side get the money :o ).


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Our Underdog Champs Summer Delivery 2 is now available on our online store!  Click HERE to shop.



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Chicago staple DJ Zebo traps it out with his latest Trap to the Future series.  Press play and enjoy.


Product shots for our second release of the Underdog Champs Collection. Available Sunday July 13, 1pm in store and 6pm online. Click after the jump to see what else arrived.

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