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We are proud to announce our official collaborative tee with @northcoastfest #NCMF.  The tee is limited to 100 pieces and will be available at the fest September 4-6! We will also have it available in-store and online after Sept 6. Summers Last Stand is approaching quick make sure you grab a tee before they are gone just like Summer.

bouzikov long sleeve
Mishka Fall 15 has started to arrive, click after the jump to see what else arrived. Available in-store and online HERE

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New Saint Millie! Press play and enjoy.

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We teamed up with Northcoast this year and created a really dope limited tee.  The back of our collaborative tee can be seen in the picture above.  Make sure to stay tuned for details on how to purchase. You can still buy tickets for the festival HERE


We have re-stocked our skate section if your looking for trucks, bearings, hardware, grip tape, or wheels we got you.  come on by!.


Flying Bach starts September 25-27th at the Chicago Theatre, get tickets online at this will be an epic event.  Make sure you get your tickets now.

A couple of weeks ago I was at an event over at Soho House and ran into Ana Fernatt.  She hosts a pod cast show called Champagne and Snark.  She doesn’t have a real co-host per say, but for now its is her dog Figaro, lol, you can catch him in the background here and there.  Well while at the event she came up to me and asked if I still dj’ed, I said yes, thinking she was going to ask me to dj and event or something like that because her follow up question was, do you have plans this week, on Tuesday, at that time it was August 13th.  I said no, she was like perfect, do you drink champagne, I was like yes I do.  Her follow up question to that was is there something that you really like that people may not know about, something different, I was like, ummm cupcakes, why?  She then started to tell me about this show she has called Champagne and Snark, and how her guest for that week had bailed on her.  She said she would like to interview me about cupcakes.  So I was like ok I’m with it, something different, haha.  So yeah I filled in for her other guest, and we pretty much talked about a lot of random stuff, but mostly cupcakes and champagne.  Oh the best part, is that I got to eat cupcakes and drink champagne at the same damn time, lol.  You know what, it was pretty good, a perfect combo, the best of both worlds.  If you want to hear me ramble and sound like I sorta know what I am talking about, listen to this pod cast.  Let me know what you think!  Super thanks to Ana for letting me be part of her show and for being a great host!  Hit more after the jump to take a listen!

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.37.06 AM

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DJ Just One of the Fortunate is back with a super cold PartyNextDoor mix. Press play and enjoy. Playlist after the jump.

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Jinx’s latest video off his upcoming itunes album GMBC available on itunes 8/31/15 more info on Jinx

We are proud to announce that BornXRaised out of LA is now available at Jugrnaut both in-store and online HERE click after the jump to see more pics.
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